10 settings that will make you better in Modern Warfare 2

The beta of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is currently running and already offers a wide range of settings: image settings, controls, sound – many adjustment screws were not optimally tightened for multiplayer. MeinMMO therefore shows you 10 settings that you should adjust immediately.

First of all: You will not find any recommendations for your graphic settings on the PC here. Many gamers and professionals turn down their graphics for more FPS.

Here we show you general settings that will give you an immediate advantage over players who don’t fiddle with the settings. There are sure to be a lot of players, especially during the open beta.

With one click you get to the desired position in the article:

The user interface in the beta is complicated. Settings can be found at the top right of the screen.

If you want to learn more about CoD MW2, check out our big MW2 special, or take a look at a few minutes of uncommented gameplay:

CoD MW2: Gameplay of the first rounds in the beta

CoD MW2: Settings – Image Filters

There are a few graphical options that make CoD MW2’s story a little prettier and more realistic. However, such things have no place in multiplayer and you should deactivate any type of image filter. By default some are activated:

1. Setting – World Motion Blur: Deactivate

2. Setting – Weapon Motion Blur: Deactivate

3. Setting – image noise: Set down to 0.00

4. Setting – depth of field: Deactivate

If you have the setting “AMD FidelityFX CAS” you can try something with it. AMD promises sharper scene renderings without affecting performance. Play around with the value a little, or switch it off directly.

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CoD MW2: Settings – Field of View

With the field of view you set how much of the game you see in your image section. A high value can be worthwhile because your screen edge shifts. But the image also gets a bit distorted, everything feels faster, and there’s a minimal fish-eye effect.

5. Setting – Field of View: 90, 103, 110 or 120

6. settings External field of view: 90

With a smaller field of view, enemies are larger on screen. The larger field of view offers you a larger image section. Decide for yourself what is more important to you.

CoD MW2: Settings – Sound

When it comes to sound, the most important thing is clearly audible effects. This includes the enemy’s steps in particular, but also the direction from which weapon fire is coming.

7. Setting- Audio Mix: headphones

8. Setting- Volume: Music 30 / Dialogue 30 / Effects 100 / Hit 80

The audio setting “Headphones” offers you a limited dynamic range that focuses on the essentials. The greater the dynamics, the more the focus of the sound is on other noises that could distract from the important effects.

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CoD MW2: Settings – input settings

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to input devices. We want to give you a few little things for mouse, keyboard and controller.


  • Vibration: Off
  • Trigger Effect (PS5): Off
  • ZV Sensitivity Multiplier: 0.9
  • Swapped triggers: On

Vibration and other controller effects can affect your aiming skills and reactions. Skip it in multiplayer. Also swap your front and rear triggers, since the rear triggers usually have a longer travel than the front ones.

The ZV Sensitivity Multiplier is a powerful tool to give yourself a small aim boost when aiming. The sensitivity then drops by 10% when aiming through the scope, which can be very helpful when aiming. If you are confused by the change in sensitivity when gambling, turn it off again.

10. Setting – Mouse & Keyboard: The settings for your mouse inputs are very dependent on your individual taste. We refrain from recommendations for sensitivity at this point.

What is worthwhile, however, are new key assignments. Put things like “crouch” or “throw grenade” on mouse buttons that you wouldn’t otherwise use. This gives you a little time in the match and you have less to do with the keyboard.

Those were our setting recommendations for the Modern Warfare 2 beta. For the full release on October 28th, we’ll update the article and add more recommendations once it’s clear what the settings will look like in the finished game.

Until then, if you have any advice or recommendations for the beta settings, write a comment on the topic.

Would you rather read more about the CoD MW2 beta, take a look here: Type on Twitter shows blatant gameplay of Modern Warfare 2 – “Because of people like you, CoD is no longer fun”

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