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Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series has delivered decades worth of wondrous characters and storylines. The series continues to herald noble and honorable protagonists who unite people of all races and classes for a common cause.

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Fire Emblem‘s history of lead characters largely featured characters of a noble and royal bloodline. However, more recent titles showcased heroes who have inherited neither royalty nor nobility and have only fought for a righteous cause.

Updated by July 31, 2021 by Paul DiSalvo: As much as fans like to joke about all Fire Emblem protagonists being similar to each other, throughout the series history, the main characters of each game have had quite varying usefulness and utility. While some protagonists function more like a king in chess, others have been some of the most blatantly overpowered units in their respective games. 

Fire Emblem protagonists have come in many forms over the years, with some wielding differing types of weapons and magic, while others have had access to different types of skills and mounts that have provided them with additional perks.

14 Roy

Son of Marquess Pherae, Eliwood, Roy initially appeared in Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. Known as the Young Lion, Roy sought to save his home from the invasion of the neighboring kingdom, Bern. The king, fueled by vengeance, sought to give the continent of Elibe back to dragon kind. Roy embarked on a journey to save his homeland.

Roy learned to befriend dragons and trust those closest to him, such as his childhood friend, Lilina, his retainer, Marcus, and his teacher, Cecilia. Wielding the Binding Blade, Roy would defeat King Zephiel before fighting against the Demon Dragon, Idunn, who controlled the beasts. Yet, rather than slaying the girl, he used the Binding Blade to break the seal on her heart and give her one more chance at life.

Unfortunately, while Roy may be a strong character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in the context of The Binding Blade he struggles as a unit due to his incredibly late promotion and his lack of mobility.

13 Micaiah

Michaiah of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the protagonist of the game’s first story arc, aiming to free her country from occupation. While the vast majority of Fire Emblem protagonists utilize physical offense through the use of weapon types likes swords and lances, Micaiah is not just one of the few magic-locked protagonists in the series, but she’s also the only light mage in the series.

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A glass cannon with terrible survivability, Micaiah is able to deal solid magical damage in the early chapters of Radiant Dawn, making great use of the Thani Tome. Additionally, while most protagonists are relegated to playing offense and attacking, upon promoting, Micaiah received healing utility as she gains access to staves.

12 Ephraim & Eirika

This pair of twins, heirs to the royal house of Renais, originally debuted in Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. When the Kingdom of Grado invades and their father dies protecting it, they set off to recruit allies and win their kingdom back from the country of Grado.

Their tale belies a darker twist, as their childhood friend, Lyon, was possessed by a demonic being. Between Ephraim’s battle prowess and Eirika’s deep-rooted resolve, the two fight to the bitter end to restore their friend. Alas, despite their failed efforts to return their childhood friend, they proceed to do what’s necessary to save their country. Keep Ephraim in the frontlines when you play his mode. In Sacred Stones, he ranks among the best units in the game. In contrast, keep Eirika under protection.

While Ephraim is a solid lord who has access to ranged attacks thanks to the use of Javelins, Eirika’s sword-locked nature and mediocre growth rates leave much to be desired.

11 Marth

The original protagonist of the series, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon began Marth’s quest to free his Kingdom of Altea. The young prince set off with his retainers and the refugee from Talys, Caeda, journeying across the Archanean continent. Marth defeated the Earth Dragon, Medeus, and saved Archanea from being ruled by the Earth Dragons.

However, his story continued in Mystery of the Emblem. The King of Archanea chose to wage war and invade the lands. Marth set off to defeat him, only later learning Hardin became a man possessed. Gharnef, who leads the cult of Medeus, revived the being as the Dark Earth Dragon. Threatening to take the world once more, Marth engaged the dragon in one more battle. His trust in his friends saw him gain power, love, and trust among everyone he met.

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While Marth can do substantial damage with his personal weapon the Falcion once it is obtained, he doesn’t have access to promotion and tends to have somewhat of a mobility problem.

10 Leif

It’s hard to find a more underrated Fire Emblem protagonist than Leif. First appearing in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War as the son of Quan and Ethlyn, Leif would go on to be the main protagonist of FIre Emblem: Thracia 776. While he lacks a mount, hindering his mobility when outside, he has one of the best personal weapons of any Fire Emblem protagonist, the Light Brand, letting him attack from afar from the start.

9 Chrom

The brother of the Exalt of Ylisse, and leader of the Shepherds, Chrom debuted in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Ordinarily leading his knights into battle to defend their borders, the Plegian army invaded. After kidnapping and executing the Exalt, Emmeryn, Chrom sought vengeance and defeated King Gangrel in Plegia.

From there on, he would save his homeland from the invasion of Valm and later stop the resurrection of the Fell Dragon, Grima. Despite his efforts being in vain, his Shepherds, tactician Robin, and his daughter from the future, Lucina, would stand with him once more to end the threat of Grima.

With solid growth rates and the best availability of any character in Awakening, Chrom is a solid unit that can deal considerable physical damage throughout the entirety of the game.

8 Hector

The Marquess of Ostia first appeared in Fire Emblem: Binding Blade for Game Boy Advance. However, his claim to fame began in the prequel, Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade, as one of the three leading protagonists. This fierce and loyal fighter became known for his battle prowess. Being one of the strongest units in the game, Hector showcased his exceptional strength throughout the game.

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As a father, Hector also proves to be overprotective of his daughter, Lilina. His role, both as a Lord and a father, continues in the mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes. Hector’s various alts show him as Marquess Ostia, as well as a doting dad who learned of the tragic fate which awaited him.

Hector is one of the tankiest and survivable lords in the entire Fire Emblem series who is only made better due to his use of axes as a weapon, allowing him to flexibly attack from near and far using hand axes.

7 Byleth

Child of the legendary mercenary Jeralt the Blade Breaker, Byleth appeared in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This mercenary-turned-professor begins their journey with an emotionless demeanor. Known as the Ashen Demon, this skilled fighter proves to be a valuable asset in the classroom of Garreg Mach Monastery.

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Byleth witnesses their father’s murder and began to show emotion. The secrets slowly unraveled regarding their birth, awakening their inner feelings as someone who genuinely loves and cares for their students. Byleth proved to be a major asset and the pillar of support for the House Leader they joined up with. It was through Byleth’s hands that Fodlan would be united under the banner of the member they supported.

From a gameplay perspective, Byleth is an incredibly flexible and powerful unit that can hypothetically excel in several offense-based classes, allowing players to use them as they see fit.

6 Alm & Celica

These childhood friends initially appeared in Fire Emblem Gaiden, which was later remade as Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Raised in the quiet Ram Village, Celica would leave the village once the truth of her identity, Princess Anthiese of Zofia, became known to the Rigelian army. To keep her safe, General Mycen secured her in the Novis Priory till she came of age.

Alm and Celica reunite as adults but quickly part due to their methods to save their homelands. With the looming threat of the Rigelian army and the cult of Duma, Alm and Celica both travel across the continent to save all of Valentia. Despite their initial fighting, their trust and love in their friends and each other bring them together once more to defeat the corrupted dragon Duma and unite all of Valentia.

Alm and Celica are each some of the best units in their respective routes in Echoes, both toting great growth rates and access to high damage output through the Double Lion skill and potent spells respectively.

5 Edelgard 

Edelgard is perhaps the most controversial lord in Fire Emblem history, serving as a major protagonist within the Crimson Flower route of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, while acting as a major antagonist in the remaining routes. Regardless of player opinions of the character, the empress of the Adrestian Empire is an incredible unit on the battlefield, offering outstanding offense in defense. While the Empress class offers a substantial amount of bulk, Edelgard’s personal combat art, Raging Storm allows her to take extra actions as she rampages across the battlefield!

4 Ike

First appearing in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, the leader of the Greil Mercenaries fits the prime example of the commoner’s hero. Born to a legendary mercenary, Ike learned his father’s swordsmanship. Once he witnesses his father’s murder, he assumes command of the Greil Mercenaries. He unites with the Crimean army to save their country from the Kingdom of Daein’s Mad King, Ashnard.

What Ike brings to the table is his blunt, honest demeanor. He will not mince words to save face and is relentless in his criticism towards authority figures. He fears no one and only fights to protect his friends and family. Ike backs up his words in all of his battles with his unmatched battle prowess and sheer willpower to overcome his opponents.

Playable in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, while Ike functions similarly to Chrom in Path of Radiance, he is an absolute monster of a unit in Radiant Dawn in which he has stellar base stats and growth rates as well consistent access to one of the best swords in the game, Ragnell

3 Dimitri

The “boar prince,” the heir to the throne of House Frauldarius, appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This noble hero seeks justice and what is right in the world. However, those closest to him know that Dimitri lives with dark secrets in his heart.

In truth, Dimitri seeks revenge for the murder of his father. When he witnesses his childhood friend, Edelgard, turn traitor to Garreg Mach Monastery, he snaps and visibly loses his cool. The Blue Lions route is all about his quest for vengeance against Edelgard, the consequences of his revenge, and his redemption. In the end, he seeks to unite Fodlan to bring greater good to the continent.

Excelling in lances and having access to high strength, speed, and dexterity, Dimitri is a stellar offensive unit who grows all the more deadly when he gains access to his powerful High Lord and Great Lord classes that further increase his damage output.

2 Claude

The noble scion of House Riegan from Fire Emblem: Three Houses wants one thing: to unify Fodlan and allow everyone to be treated as equals. The Almyrans, a dark-skinned race, were treated with disdain. Claude always comes up with clever schemes to suit his needs and appears to be an untrustworthy fellow. In truth, his heart aligns with his goals to save his homeland, and he will ally himself with strong leaders to fight alongside him.

Claude’s route sends the Golden Deer route against the Adrestian Empire, helmed by the Black Eagles House Leader, Edelgard. Once the war ends, the villainous group Those Who Slither in the Dark make their move to attack Fodlan and take the world back for themselves. In doing so, they awaken their king, Nemesis, from a millennium-long slumber. In the game’s final battle, Claude and Byleth defeat the most fearsome being in all of Fodlan’s history, securing their victory and the future of Fodlan’s freedom.

The only bow-focused lord in the series, once the player hits the war phase of the game, Claude ends up as one of the best flying units in Fire Emblem history, having access to great stats, a powerful personal weapon, great range, and constant access to the Pass skill.

1 Sigurd

The protagonist of the first generation of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Sigurd isn’t just one of the best protagonists in the series- he’s one of the best characters period. The prince of Chalphy, the story of Sigurd has one of the most shocking and unexpected conclusions in Fire Emblem‘s history.

A mounted Knight Lord, Sigurd is so immediately powerful that he essentially functions as his own Jagen, toting stellar mobility and combative abilities alike.

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