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3 developments that are really worthwhile for the World Cup event

IThe World Cup event is currently taking place in Pokémon GO, where you can look forward to numerous spawns and bonuses as well as various event attacks. We at MeinMMO have looked at which monsters you should definitely develop.

Which event is it about? The big world championship event, which is being held in London on the occasion of the Pokémon World Championship, is currently running in Pokémon GO. Of course, everything here revolves around the topic of “fighting”, which is ultimately reflected in the research and bonuses of the event.

One of these bonuses brings you special event attacks if you develop selected Pokémon during the event period. We took a look at what kind of attacks these are and which monsters are really worth using.

How long have the attacks been going on? You can get the event attacks during the entire event period, i.e. from August 18, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. local time to August 23, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. local time.

Which 3 evolutions should you get?

What event attacks are there? For the World Cup event, Niantic has selected a total of 5 Pokémon that can learn an event attack when developing. These are attacks that you already know from the previous Community Days and that can only be learned outside of such events with a Top Instant TM or Top Charge TM.

You can teach these monsters the following attacks until August 23, 2022:

attack development
rock thrower Rizeros to Rihornior
Dire Fist Alpollo to Gengar
wet tail Magikarp to Gyarados
Star Slash Metang to Metagross
cremation Darting to Fiaro

Which of the attacks is particularly worthwhile? Basically, all of the above event attacks are strong, which is why you can use them in any case. The development of 3 of the monsters mentioned is particularly worthwhile, which is why we would like to briefly introduce them to you below.


Rihorn normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

What is this Pokemon? Rhyperior is a ground and rock Pokémon from the 4th generation of games. It can be developed from Rihorn to Rizeros. You can recognize the rhino-like Pokémon by its grey-brown body and orange armor.

Why is it worth developing? Rihornior is particularly interesting for players who are looking for a strong candidate for the raids. In particular, it can benefit from high attack and endurance values.

But the event-charged attack Felsenwerfer also benefits Rihornior and, in combination with the instant attack catapult, does a lot of damage to the opponent. This makes it the best rock attacker in Pokémon GO.

In the GO Battle League, Rhyperior can score a little less compared to other monsters. Only in the master league is it an option with a move set of clay clamp, rock thrower and surfer. But here, too, you should rather fall back on better candidates.

Is there Rihornior as Shiny? Yes, with a bit of luck you can encounter a Shiny Rihorn from Field Research during the Worlds Event and evolve it via Rizeros into Rihornior. You can then recognize the dazzling Rhyonior by its greyish body and yellow armor.

Note, however, that you have to use a Sinnoh stone to develop Rihornior. You can read in our following article where you can find it and which developments make sense with it:

Pokémon GO: Sinnoh Stein Evolutions – 10 worthwhile in 2022

meta gross

Pokemon Go Metagross
Metagross normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

What is this Pokemon? The Steel and Psychic Pokémon Metagross comes from the 3rd generation of games and is the last evolution of Tanhel. During the Worlds event, you can find Tanhel in Field Research and evolve it accordingly through Metang. You can recognize it by its typical metallic appearance.

Why is it worth developing? Metagross is a real all-rounder and therefore well suited for use in raids as well as the GO battle league. In both areas, it can fall back on the event attack Star Slash, which causes a lot of damage to the opponent.

And his attack and defense values ​​are also impressive. With a Bullet Punch and Star Punch moveset, it quickly brings its opponents to their knees as one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

In PvP battles, Metagross is a good option, especially in the Master League. It is best to use an attack combination of bullet slash, star slash and earthquake.

Does Metagross exist as Shiny? Yes, if you’re lucky, you can catch a Shiny Tanhel and evolve it into Shiny Metagross. The Metagross then differs from its normal variant by having a yellow cross-shaped decoration in front of its eyes and yellow feet.


Fiaro normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

What is this Pokemon? Fiaro is a Fire and Flying Pokémon from the 6th generation of games. It has the two pre-developments Dartiri and Dartignis. You can recognize Fiaro by his raptor-like body and red-grey plumage.

Why is it worth developing? Unlike the other Evolutions on this list, Fiaro is slightly weaker in Attack, Endurance, and Defense. Nevertheless, you should secure the Pokémon with its event instant attack Incinerate.

With this, it can really score points, especially in the Hyperliga. That’s how Fiaro made it to 16th place in the PvPoke ranking there with a move set of Incinerate, Dive, and Nitro Charge. So if you like to be in PvP battles, you should take the opportunity and develop a copy.

Is there Fiaro as Shiny? Yes, Shiny Fiaro is already available in-game. Again, you must first catch a Dazzling Dartiri and then evolve it accordingly. Visually, the Shiny variant differs from the normal form only in a slightly darker red coloring of the plumage and a brownish body.

Are Gyarados and Gengar’s attacks strong too?

Gyarados: The water and flying Pokémon is basically also a real all-rounder, but it can convince with the event attack, especially in the GO Battle League. There, his Crypto variant, with a Fire Breath, Wet Tail, and Crunch moveset, ranks 35th in the Hyper League and 17th in the Master League of the PvPoke rankings.

In the raids, it is also one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO, but you should rather rely on an attack combination of cascade and hydro pump. It is therefore particularly interesting for trainers in the GO battle league.

Gengar: The last development of Nebulak scores above all with its high attack value and thus also joins the list of the best attackers. However, the ghost and poison Pokémon there also rely more on other attacks such as a moveset from dark claw and lick.

In the GO Battle League, the event attack Finsterfaust is generally used, but Gengar only ranks 72nd in the Hyper League here. And even in the super and master leagues it hardly plays a role.

The attack could therefore be used especially with Mega Gengar in rocket fights, since it is charged relatively quickly and thus quickly takes away the opponent’s shields.

How do you like the Charged Attacks for the WM event? What monsters will you evolve? Or would you have preferred other attacks and Pokémon? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

During the Worlds event, you’ll also get a chance to get additional limited-time research through promo codes. Here we have put together an overview of all codes for you.

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