7 exciting players who get really strong at the start

The FIFA 23 release is imminent. Which players could be really good at the start? We’re looking at some exciting maps.

When is FIFA 23 coming out? The FIFA 23 release is not due until next week, as is early access to the game. But with the web app, the transfer market in Ultimate Team is already open and players can already build their first teams.

It will be exciting to see which players become early favorites this year. Sure – cards like those of Kylian Mbappé, Neymar, Heung Min Son and other top stars will be part of it. However, these are out of reach for most players, especially at startup.

But even if the overall rating is not already close to 90, players can fit really well into the FIFA gameplay. These include, for example, the following candidates.


This is what sets Antony apart: The newcomer from Manchester United brings you two exciting components when it comes to team building. As a Brazilian in the Premier League, he is likely to act as a chemistry supplier to numerous popular players in the new chemistry system.

In addition, he convinces with absolutely strong offensive values: 93 speed and 86 dribbling speak for themselves, he also has 5-star skills. Antony will be ideal for digging through opponents’ defenses. Only his degree could be better.

Despite the 82 rating, Antony should immediately be one of the top cards for the FUT start. But it probably won’t be cheap.

Rafael Leao

This is what sets Rafael Leão apart: If you only look at the ratings, Rafael Leão has arguments quite similar to those of Antony. Fast and good dribbling is always a good combination, but when it comes to skills, he is one star weaker and “only” has 4 stars.

One advantage of Rafael Leão is that he’s in Serie A, which is traditionally a bit cheaper than Premier League players. So maybe it will be a little cheaper to start with – but even here it is not a bargain.

But Rafael Leão offers a really good chemistry base if you want to look at even more Serie A players. Such as …

Fikayo Tomori

This is what defines Tomori: If you see Tomori on the opposing defense, you can expect a tough match. The Milan central defender is fast and has damn good defensive and physical values. Despite the Serie A affiliation, Tomori should be really expensive at the beginning.

Still, he could be quite exciting – especially if you look at the same club for chemistry reasons. Because in addition to Tomori and Leão, there are also exciting top cards like Theo Hernandez and Sandro Tonali playing with the Italian champions last season.

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Allan Saint Maximin

This is what makes Allan Saint-Maximin special: In recent years, “ASM” has been one of the most popular players in FUT, especially in the early stages. He also acts as a brutally agile dribbler, convinces with 5-star skills and great values.

As a Frenchman in the Premier League, he also offers a very good chemistry base for your team – after all, there are plenty of other top players from France. Such as …

Jules Kounde

This is what sets Koundé apart: Koundé is one of the best centre-backs you can find in the Spanish Premier League – especially if you look at FIFA stats. His stats are very similar to Tomori’s and should make many strikers frown.

As a very good card with French nationality, Koundé should also cost or bring in a high price on the transfer market.

Christopher Nkunku

This is what defines Nkunku: In FIFA 22, Nkunku made a name for himself as a player who subscribed to special cards. Now, in FIFA 23, he has good arguments for the title “best offensive card in the Bundesliga”. Only Sadio Mané from FC Bayern and maybe Rudi Völler can really keep up as the new hero card.

Basically, Nkunku has everything: A fast pace and very good dribbling are combined with strong shot and pass values. The Leipzig attacker is likely to be one of the most sought-after cards at the start of FIFA 23 – especially in Bundesliga teams.

And speaking of the Bundesliga…

Jeremy Frimpong

This is what Frimpong is all about: With his 80 rating, Frimpong doesn’t really stand out in the overall values, but thanks to his high pace and good defensive values, as well as decent dribbling, he could become the perfect full-back for starter teams.

In general, the Bundesliga offers some exciting, high-paced players this year who could make a pretty strong starting team without costing too much.

For example, Sheraldo Becker, Moussa Diaby, Timo Werner, Karim Adeyemi or Ihlas Bebou would be exciting and probably reasonably cheap options. The improved David Raum is also great for Bundesliga teams.

Which players do you want on your team? Tell us in the comments!

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