7 tips on how to start using the web app properly starting today

The FIFA 23 Web App gives you the opportunity to tinker with your own Ultimate Team even before the game starts. Here you will find tips on what you can do with the web app.

This is the web app: The web app will already launch on September 21, 2022 – a few days before early access to FIFA 23 and well before the official FIFA 23 release.

Even without the full game, you can use the web app to tinker a bit with your Ultimate Team. First coins can be earned, SBCs can be solved and players can be bought.

We’ve collected some tips for the first few days with the web app.

1. Claim your returning player bonuses

What are these bonuses? In the past, players who have been playing Ultimate Team for a while received some bonus packs at the launch of the web app.

This is also to be expected for this year. At least EA writes on the “EA Help” website about how it looks like with return bonuses: “Your bonuses are based on your player history, your engagement in the game, your account status and how healthy your account is. Your bonuses may therefore differ from your friends’ bonuses” (via

Accordingly, there should be bonuses again. If you get packs, you can use the content for your first steps.

2. Which cards sell? Which not?

What do I do with the bonus pack contents? It depends on what cards you draw from the packs.

  • Not selling yet: Popular meta cards should be held for a few days. These could go up in price once FIFA 23 Early Access lets first players into actual Ultimate Team mode. Only then do many players actually need good cards.
    In addition, most players do not have many coins at the start, so they cannot give up much on the transfer market.
  • To sell: There are quasi “useless” cards, for example low-rated gold cards with nations, clubs or leagues that are of no interest to SBCs. You can sell them to get coins quickly.
  • Watch: Cards that might be of interest to SBCs should be watched and then sold when the price in the transfer market is high. These can be cards with high ratings or interesting nation/league combinations.

This also applies to all tradeable cards that you get outside of the bonus packs – such as from SBCs, packs and more.

3. Don’t underestimate cosmetic items

What are the items? Things like jerseys, stadiums, anthems and the like quickly become considered “pack filler”, especially as a season progresses. But especially at the beginning you can sometimes sell them expensively.

Because at the start, many players adapt their clubs first, look for the jerseys of their favorite clubs and design how their club should look like overall.

At this point, items from popular clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Co. may sell well.

Shirts of popular clubs can bring coins

4. Should I sell tickets quickly?

You have to note that: Basically, you can get more coins from offering cards than you get from quick selling. Therefore, you should usually choose the somewhat more tedious method and offer cards on the transfer market at a higher price.

There is one exception to consider, however. Fast-sold tickets can be “retrieved” via the web app up to a certain point in time.

If you now have a special card, such as TOTW cards, for which you can get quite a lot of coins in one fell swoop, you can consider using this and securing the coins for a short time. You then use them for trading and thus increase the coin account.

Then you use part of your coins to get back the quickly sold special card and sell it at a higher price at a later point in time.

You only need really strong cards when gameplay is also available:

FIFA 23: Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Features – What Makes It Different From FIFA 22?

5. Choose a useful starter nationn

Which starter nations are worthwhile? To start the new FUT season, you need to set a starter nation for your team, from which you will receive a few cards.

However, many of these cards are unlikely to be particularly useful for the actual game. That’s why it can be worth choosing a nation that could be useful for the first SBCs in FIFA 23. You can already solve them in the web app.

Nations that are spread over many leagues are well suited here. Examples include Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

6. Solve SBCs as cheaply as possible

What SBCs are you talking about? Squad Building Challenges is a great way to earn rewards. There are the typical starter SBCs, but also the more complex ones from the “hybrid nations” and “hybrid leagues” area.

Try to solve these without making large investments on the transfer market and only buy individual players. Then the SBCs can give you good rewards without investing too many strong players or coins.

However, in FIFA 23 you also have to pay attention to a new chemistry system in FUT. Here solutions on portals like futbin help to give you an idea of ​​which players are good for the challenge. They also offer Squad Builder for testing.

But also note: Many players look at the top solutions and buy cards based on them on the transfer market. So cheap players could suddenly become expensive. Then you should rather orientate yourself to other players. However, you can also use this for yourself.

7. Look for SBC solutions when trading

“Trading” means dealing with cards on the transfer market. In the first few days after the start of the web app, many players will primarily jump on the existing SBCs – because you can’t do much more playfully in the web app.

So many will also use portals like “futbin” or other popular solutions for SBCs to complete the challenges quickly.

Now you can see which players are included in the most popular solutions to the SBCs and see if you might be able to buy them at a bargain price and sell them higher. Maybe you already have suitable players in your club?

Do you have any tips on how to take advantage of the web app in FIFA 23? Tell us in the comments!

In addition to the web app, players are also looking in the direction of the “Ted Lasso” series: a crossover with FIFA 23 seems to be in the offing here.

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