A gaming YouTuber once posted incorrectly on Twitter

The gaming YouTuber “Dan Allen Gaming” has a secret identity like Batman. Actually, he is the leaker “TheRealInsider”: This was noticed now because he made a mistake on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, his career, which he had built up over 8 years, collapsed.

What is the slant?

  • The YouTuber “Dan Allen Gaming” is actually a successful gaming YouTuber. He has 190,000 subscriptions, currently he mainly shows Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He has had the channel since 2014 – during that time he has built up a network of contacts. Everything very serious, everything very classic: He mainly does Let’s Plays. He once had the greatest success with videos for the giant vampire “Lady Dimitrescu” from Resident Evil.
  • In this role, he has access to secret advance info that publishers send him: linked to the condition that the info is not given to anyone under any circumstances.
  • But – like Batman – he also has a secret identity. At the same time, he is “TheRealInsider” who keeps leaking hot “industry news” on Twitter: 4 days before it became official, he showed various new Assassin’s Creed games.

An MMORPG with a slight Assassin’s Creed vibe that we at MeinMMO are looking forward to:

Crimson Desert – Announcement cinematic

It’s like calling Batman and Bruce Wayne answers the phone

How did that come up? Someone asked “TheRealInisder” something on Twitter, but “Dan Allen Gaming” replied. Apparently he was simply using the wrong Twitter account.

It’s kind of like calling Batman and he says Bruce Wayne.

Internet sleuth Jason Schreier investigated how kotaku reported. Schreier commented: That explains how the “Real Insider” knew the real code names of the new Assassin’s Creed games.

Schreier had reported for Bloomberg on the “Assassin’s Creed” news that Dan Allen Gaming had leaked.

Before you could investigate further whether someone had exposed themselves, the convicted leaker confessed

I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. I am ashamed and disappointed in myself. I’ll think about the bad choices and that will never go away.

What did he leak? Because his information turned out to be true, “TheRealInsider” became a major information source on reddit. He kept posting about “hands-on previews” and other stuff that only influencers or members of the press who get advance notice can know.

“So many relationships and opportunities lost”

What is the result now? The problem is that by taking the action to release confidential information, Dan Allen Gaming has broken just about every covenant and promise that can be made in the gaming industry. Because people know his face, he’s ruined professionally: no one will trust him again.

The YouTuber has now deleted both Twitter accounts. On YouTube he explains: There was so much hate that he couldn’t stand it.

He says:

I’ve lost so many friends in the industry, so many relationships – personal relationships, business relationships, opportunities – all for 5 seconds of fame and I take full responsibility. All the hate I get on Twitter – I just had to delete it because I’ve never received such a barrage of hate – and rightly so.

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Under the comments, users say:

  • You don’t understand. He worked so hard to build the channel and reputation. How to risk that for a “stupid leak account” cannot be done.
  • Another user says: Dan Allen Gaming was a role model for him. Now he feels betrayed and disappointed. People would kill to be as well connected as Dan Allen Gaming – and he throws everything away.
  • A third said: “Sorry to everyone who got caught.”

Leaks are a serious problem in gaming. Right now the topic is big again:

The mega leak harms GTA 6 and Rockstar, but also the fans

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