A new game on Steam is reminiscent of GTA Online

On August 18th, the indie development studio Usual Suspect presented It’s Only Money, a new open-world game that will be released on Steam. Comparisons to GTA Online can already be read.

What kind of game is this? It’ Only Money is an open-world game by indie developer studio Usual Suspects that bills itself as a “low-life simulation”.

You can play the crazy title in third person with up to 3 friends in online co-op. While the gameplay is reminiscent of GTA Online, the graphic style has something of the pirate adventure Sea of ​​Thieves.

It’s Only Money – Announcement Trailer

On which platforms is the game released? It’s Only Money is on Steam appear. Nothing is currently known about a console release.

When is the release? At the current time (August 19th) no official release date is known. Meanwhile, the game’s Steam page reveals that the title will be released “coming soon”.

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Mayor punishes low net worth

What is the game about? It’s Only Money is set in the town of Rockhaven. There, an evil mayor punishes anyone who has too little net worth. The description on Steam speaks of the affected people being thrown into “a hole in the undercity”. Apparently this is a place or a city below the actual city.

What activities does the game offer? As a punished resident, you venture out of the lower town and try to retake the city from the evil mayor.

You can steal money from rich people and spend it again. Not only houses, but also shops, clothes and even cars are available for this purpose.

On your journey through Rockhaven you should also be able to use various skills and items. Usual Suspects cites car hacking and pickpocketing as examples. But there should also be missions and activities.

Retake Rockhaven from the evil mayor and his minions

“Looks like GTA Online”

How is the game doing? Since It’s Only Money hasn’t been released yet, there aren’t any player ratings for the crazy title. Also the trailer on YouTube has so far flown under the radar of the gaming world – there It’s Only Money currently has 1,866 views (as of August 19, 2:30 p.m.).

After all: The users in the comments are consistently positive about the trailer:

  • Sidney: What the hell, I can’t believe how good this looks! You guys are absolute machines.”
  • No: “Looks like GTA Online except it’s fun.”
  • retroneon bacon: “Hopefully the game will find its way to consoles at some point. Either way, take your time and only post when you’re ready. Keep up the great work.”
  • Christian Antonio: “I’m incredibly ready for this!”
  • Killerkid: “Looks really good, can’t wait!”
  • Sgt. Duky: “GTA, but low poly” (Editor’s note: Low poly is a graphics style with triangular faces and hard edges, via Designer in Action.de)
  • UmamiSoy: “I’m not a fan of the colors/filters, but I can see that this game is definitely aimed at people having fun, and I’m all for it! I hope I can bring my friends to try it out.
  • DarKiller: “Wow what a cool looking game!”

What do you think of It’s Only Money? Do you find the crazy Mini-GTA interesting or are you put off by the graphic style? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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