A tiny button in Steam brings great joy to the players

Steam is known for having an incredible variety of games and DLCs, but one feature has been frustrating for players. Now the launcher changes how you add free content to your library.

What is this function? Steam has added a new button on free games and DLCs. This button allows you to add a free game or DLC directly to the library.

Until the introduction of the new button, you added a free game to your library by pressing “Start Game”. Then Steam immediately wanted to install the respective game.

Acquiring free DLC was even more annoying as each newly added DLC wanted to launch the game.

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Redeeming multiple DLCs was annoying

Why was that a problem before? Even if you were able to cancel the installation of a game or DLC that was initiated by the “Start Game” button, Steam’s behavior was considered annoying by players.

For example, reddit user u/SSlamMasterJ writes that Steam’s approach was particularly frustrating when trying to redeem multiple DLCs (via reddit).

Also u/TalenTaylor writes on reddit: “This would have been helpful a few weeks ago when I wanted to redeem some free DLC from the Monster Hunter store page. To redeem these, it will launch the game itself if it’s already downloaded.”

In general, the old functionality was not well received. u/homer_3 found the system was “very annoying” (via reddit) and u/Hellknightx is surprised that it “took her so long [Steam] are concerned” (via reddit).

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Players Split: Big Change or No Big Deal?

How are the players reacting? Corresponding to the dissatisfaction with the old system, players are happy that the new button has been added.

  • Strict Tomorrow via reddit: “This is great when a game has free DLCs that you claim. Before that button, every DLC forced the game to launch.” (1,500 upvotes)
  • Wanderson90 via reddit: “They finally understand their customer base.”
  • starmoses via reddit: “This will be great for Warhammer 3, with all the DLC that they will hopefully add. It was a nightmare downloading the stuff beforehand.”
  • Dixenberry via Twitter: “That’s great!”
  • homer_3 via reddit: “Great change in my opinion.”
  • nostalghia via reddit: “Holy strawbag, folks, the technology of 2010 is finally here.”
  • green_meklar via reddit: “This has been needed for so long.”
  • maxell01x via reddit: “This is a very good feature for the mobile browser/Steam Mobile app as previously it was not possible to redeem a free game/DLC directly.”

While many see the change as a “Quality of Life” adjustment, there are players who don’t understand the issue with the old system.

For example, Reddit user u/TheWorldis FullofWar asks, “Isn’t the start of the ‘installation process’ just a confirmation window that you can immediately exit out of?”via reddit).

Also u/ShadooTH posts on reddit not being able to understand the problem: “I don’t think I’ve ever had this problem. I didn’t know it was such a big deal.”

What do you think of the new button? Do you think the adjustment makes sense or do you think the old system wasn’t a problem? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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