AI Creates Puzzle Dating Game On Steam Has Exactly The Problems You’re Thinking Of

Artificial intelligence is now also creating entire games. Arguably the first of its kind is This Girl Does Not Exist – and it raises some questions.

Just a while ago we reported that artificial intelligence (AI) is currently experiencing a huge boom because it can suddenly be used to create quite impressive images.

All you have to do is feed the AI ​​”midjourney” a few buzzwords and wait while the AI ​​creates images that are sometimes so impressive they even win art competitions. At first glance, most people can no longer tell whether the image was created by a human or an AI.

But now the first games whose content was created entirely by AI are also appearing: This Girl Does Not Exist.

What kind of game is this? This Girl Does Not Exist is a puzzle game – literally. Although the game is also advertised as a “dating game”, anyone who has ever played a visual novel should feel at least mildly offended by this designation.

The highlight of “This Girl Does Not Exist”: It is almost entirely created by artificial intelligence. All graphic details, such as the images of the women who were broken into puzzles, but also the few voice-over lines and the story were created with artificial intelligence.

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How’s the game going? “This Girl Does Not Exist” hasn’t been a big hit so far. With only one review – and it’s negative – the game is certainly not a blockbuster. It’s quite simple, with only a few puzzles and 25 unlockable images.

It’s also not supposed to be a big gameplay monster, just a showcase of what artificial intelligence can already create. Because the images themselves as well as the “story” and the voice-over were created by artificial intelligence.

Most people now believe that AI will change how games are created.

Developers stick to the concept: The developer couple spoke to the Magazine Kotaku and explained that “This Girl Does Not Exist” had some starting problems. Attempts have been made to persuade streamers to play the puzzle game, but most requests have been rejected or ignored entirely.

In one instance, it was played but received a lot of negative criticism from the streamer community chat. It was said, according to the developers, that they were afraid that the AI ​​would endanger a whole lot of jobs in the art industry.

Because if it is already possible to create images and entire game assets with just a few clicks using an AI, then it is only a matter of time before people are completely ousted from these professions.

If you want to get an impression of “This Girl Does Not Exist” for yourself, you can do so for around 4 euros on Steam – but then you should probably already like puzzles anyway.

What do you think? A cool thing that puts even more focus on AI? Or just ridiculous so far and still far from being something meaningful?

The AI ​​MidJourney also predicted what the last selfie on earth will look like.

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