All official songs in the playlist

The official FIFA 23 soundtrack has been announced. As usual, it’s a pretty colorful mix – here you can find all the songs.

FIFA and its soundtracks: Although things like improved features or player ratings are always the focus in the time leading up to a new FIFA release, the soundtrack is also exciting for many fans.

The FIFA series is known for its pretty mixed soundtracks with songs from all sorts of genres. They also have a lot of musicians that you might not be aware of from the mainstream.

So you can quickly find a new favorite song over a few rounds of FIFA. Especially when you’re playing career mode and the music is playing in the background all the time while you’re planning the next transfers.

Now the FIFA 23 soundtrack is officially known – just under a week before the game is due to appear.

All songs in FIFA 23 playlist

What songs are included? The list is long. Once again the playlist is split into “Menu Soundtrack” and “Volta Soundtrack”. While the menu is eclectic, the Volta list is more beat-driven, which goes well with the street-soccer vibe.

You can already listen to the official Spotify playlist for FIFA 23:

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A German artist is also represented again after bands like Kraftklub. Rapper “Eunique” is there with the song “Man calls me”.

In addition, this year some of the artists will also have their own jerseys in the game that you can equip your team with. For example, they look like this:

There are artist jerseys back in FIFA 23

What do you think of the new songs? Is there something for you, or are you missing other artists? Tell us in the comments!

In addition to the soundtrack, the FIFA 23 Companion App was released today – you can find all the information here.

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