Biggest Twitch streamer on Fortnite gets banned because his GTA role-playing game is too perverted

Clix, the 17-year-old pro Fortnite player and Twitch streamer, has been banned from his streaming platform for being too kinky in his GTA RPG. Now he doesn’t think his punishment is fair.

What happened to Clix? The controversial and sometimes biggest Fortnite streamer on Twitch “Clix” received a 7-day ban on his streaming platform. He’s been accused of engaging in “sexual behavior” and flaunted it on Twitch.

He had only played a GTA role-playing game on Twitch and performed sexual acts with another dressed player.

These were recorded by Twitch and caused the eventual ban. The streamer now affected is of course annoyed by his punishment and even thinks that it is not justified. He just doesn’t understand the system.

Clix finds the ban excessive

The ban is not justified: According to Clix, the ban is overdone and he doesn’t understand how his clip could have caused him to be unplugged for a week. Here again the video of him, which was responsible for his ban:

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He compares another case where a streamer is way more over the top: “Crazy how I’m getting a 7 day ban for same sex ‘sexual behavior’ fully clothed in GTA RP but a girl who is knowingly streamed actually having sex gets the same 7 day ban as me LOL bro I can’t…”

Clix does not understand how it can be that he is thrown in the same pot as other streamers who showed worse things.

What is his community saying? Even his fans cannot understand the ban. Even Twitter users think so forpzy: “Girls literally stream themselves naked, with color as clothes”. They also feel the spell is overdone and don’t understand why it hit Clix so hard.

Others even think the Fortnite pro should switch to YouTube in the meantime to bridge his 7 days should he feel the need to stream. But as you know Clix, the ban will certainly not last that long. Through his community, he always manages to get out of trouble quickly.

Well, what do you think of his punishment? Do you think it’s justified or did Twitch overdo it? Let’s find out in the comments!

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