Blizzard brings Heroic Plus to WotLK Classic and rare mounts for tanks and healers

Big changes are coming to World of Warcraft with WotLK Classic. There’s a Heroic+ system – and more loot for tanks and healers.

While everyone is waiting for the launch of Dragonflight in retail WoW, the release of Wrath of the Lich King is pending in the “Classic” version. But the game won’t be exactly as you remember it from before. Some useful innovations and modifications have been introduced, such as the elimination of the simplified dungeon finder tool. Now the developers have dropped another bombshell.

There is bonus loot for tanks and healers and even a whole new game mode for heroic dungeons, a kind of “Heroic Plus”. This came out in an interview between MrGM and WoW developer Kris Zierhut.

How exactly does “Heroic Plus” look then? That’s not entirely clear yet. The interview just said that characters will have an option to increase the difficulty of the dungeon at the beginning of the dungeon. Then the dungeon grants better loot – namely those from the “old” 10-man raids – and there are also more badges that can be exchanged for equipment.

The idea looks like this: As soon as phase 2 has started in WotLK Classic, the additional level of difficulty can be activated in heroic dungeons. This makes the dungeon harder and also drops loot from the 10-man raids of the previous phase (e.g. from Naxxrama’s 10s).

Raid loot from the current raid tier will continue to only drop from raids.

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It is not yet entirely clear whether this new level of difficulty merely represents an increase in the life points and strength of the mobs or whether it also contains an “affix system”, as is the case in the modern WoW version. At least in the first description, it sounded more like “a” new difficulty and not a scaling system, as was the case in Shadowlands or Battle for Azeroth.

Blizzard will surely release more details in the coming weeks.

What does Blizzard expect from this? Blizzard wants the heroic dungeons to be worthwhile and interesting for the life of WotLK Classic. Therefore, this additional option is introduced so that dungeons would not be completely irrelevant by phase 2 at the latest.

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Tanks and healers get bonus loot

Tanks and healers are traditionally in short supply in World of Warcraft. So if you decide to play a tank or healer in dungeons, you will be rewarded for it. After defeating the last boss of a dungeon, tanks and healers get an additional reward bag. This pouch contains various consumables, such as potions and flasks or buff food.

However, the pouch may also contain special mounts or pets, including rare drops from past expansions such as the Baron Rivendare mount (Stratholme) or the Kael’thas White Hawkstrider (Magisters’ Terrace).

The idea behind this is: If tanks and healers can earn their consumables for raids via dungeons and don’t have to relogin to farm herbs on twinks, for example, then these characters will spend more time in dungeons. This would automatically create more groups and more players would have more fun.

What do you think of these changes? Useful innovations for WotLK Classic? Or a complete disaster that will ruin the game?

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