Blizzard explains how they intend to deal with cheaters in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, some players are currently unhappy with Blizzard’s decision on how they are dealing with some cheaters. MeinMMO shows you what’s behind it.

In order to be really successful in Diablo Immortal in the endgame and to have the best possible loadout, you have to invest a lot of money in the game’s shop and buy the so-called Eternal Orbs. This is a premium currency in Diablo Immortal.

What scammers are they? It’s about players who bought third-party Eternal Orbs at discounted prices. Some of these players are now in massive debt after attempting to cheat Blizzard.

The reason for this seems to be that the purchased Eternal Orbs have been reversed, as some affected players pointed out reddit to report.

The affected players are now referred to as so-called “Negative Orb Players” (Eternal Orbs = English: Eternal Orbs) because their “Eternal Orbs” account shows a negative amount.

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Why is cheating for some players? Negative Orb players paid noticeably less from third-party retailers than those who purchased Eternal Orbs the normal way.

Since Eternal Orbs are a big part of having a strong character in Diablo Immortal, this unofficial route gives an unfair advantage over players who legitimately purchase Eternal Orbs.

So the Negative Orb players potentially paid less for a strong character than usual and can now perform strongly in Battlegrounds PvP mode.

There are even players on Blizzard’s official forums asking for action to be taken against the third parties:

Player ThanTaNoz complains about third party providers of Eternal Orbs on the Blizzard forums

No ban for scammers

How will Blizzard take action against the scammers? Reddit user No_Peace_3031 shared a screenshot of Blizzard writing to him in response to his support ticket on how they are taking action against so-called “Negative Orb players.”

According to the screenshot, these players will not be banned, but will have limited gameplay from now on. For example, the affected reddit user paleblood explains that players with a negative “Eternal Orbs” account can no longer participate in group activities.

As an example paleblood mentions joining a group, rifts and dungeons. However, he also says that Negative Orb players can still play Battlegrounds. This is the PvP section of Diablo Immortal.

The affected reddit user and “negative orb player” paleblood describes his situation:

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Players express criticism because Blizzard does not ban the scammers

Why are the players not satisfied? Some players feel that Blizzard should ban the “Negative Orb Players”. Finally, with the negative orbs account, it is clear that they bought from third-party vendors at discounted prices and Blizzard should consider this cheating and penalize it, as players can continue to play PvP.

For example, a reddit user writes: “Why? That’s rubbish. If I had known there wasn’t going to be a ban I would have just bought from third party vendors.”

Other reactions on reddit include:

  • KHRoN via reddit: “Blizzard’s reaction to this situation is the best proof that this game was developed to take money out of the players’ pockets and not to make a really playable game … unfortunately.”
  • FerryAce via reddit: “This is an incredibly ridiculous move by Blizzard. If they encourage cheating […]then this game will be dead.”
  • No_Peace_3031 via reddit: “Negative Orb players can continue to play the game with the Party Finder and destroy everyone in Battlegrounds with no consequences.”
  • Axen-89 via reddit: “So they won’t ban cheaters, […] but getting a permanent ban if you use a spoon or macro for some AFK leveling makes sense.”

What are your thoughts on Negative Orb players not getting banned and still being able to PvP? Do you think that’s okay or do you think Blizzard should be tougher? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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