Call of Duty MW2 beta is well received, but some things are bothering players: “This is like 2019”

Infinity Ward, the studio behind Modern Warfare 2, has published the patch notes for the second beta weekend. MeinMMO tells you what is changing, what you should pay attention to and how the community is reacting to the changes.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta kicked off with a big event in Los Angeles last week and, as is usual with events like this, it was attended by a large number of streamers and content creators. Immediately afterwards, the public test phase for the new Call of Duty started and some of you have probably already tested the game.

While access to the beta on the first weekend was reserved exclusively for PlayStation players, this weekend players on the Xbox and PC platforms can finally take part in the test. There’s even a full open beta for which you don’t need to pre-order.

For the second beta weekend, Infinity Ward is giving the community two new maps: Shariff Bay and Sa’id. You can also test new game modes: Ground War and Invasion. You may already know Ground War from MW 2019, but Invasion is a new game mode. In this mode you play 20 vs. 20 players, there are also 20 AI opponents and you have access to water, air and land vehicles.

Check out the trailer for the Modern Warfare 2 beta on PlayStation here:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: PlayStation trailer for the beta

The adjustments for the second beta weekend

Meanwhile, the developers at Infinity Ward are busy and have already evaluated numerous games and received corresponding feedback from social media.

For the second round of the beta, the developers have already ironed out a few errors:

  • Various reasons for crashes have been fixed
  • Fixed some gameplay exploits
  • The layout and lighting of some maps has been changed
  • The Weaponsmith progression system has been updated and some bugs have been fixed

In addition, Infinity Ward has made balance changes to many weapons. However, the developers emphasize that this is only fine-tuning – no weapon was “broken nerfed”. If you want to know which weapon the Weaponsmith is already available for this weekend, take a look at the linked tweet:

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What are the developers focusing on during the second beta weekend?

The community is very active and has already provided a lot of feedback. This brought a few things to the attention of Infinity Ward, and we’d like to double-check these systems.

mini map – Compared to Modern Warfare 2019, the new mini-map only shows enemies when you have activated a UAV. Previously, when an opposing player fired their weapon, you received visual information in the form of a red dot. The developers therefore fear that players could feel punished if they use their weapon. Also, it’s better design if you have to actively search for your opponents instead of just following the red dots on the mini-map.

visibility – In the beta, some testers complain that it’s difficult to track your aim once you’re in a firefight. Therefore, the developers are changing the brightness of your muzzle flash and considering different options to help you better distinguish enemies from friends.

user interface – Many testers criticized the user interface. Compared to its predecessor, it is unnecessarily complicated. Infinity Ward wants to improve this and make the whole thing a little more intuitive.

perks – Many testers don’t like the new perk system, where perks only become available gradually during a match. They therefore hope that Infinity Ward will revise this system again. For testing purposes, the developers are therefore increasing the rate at which you can earn perks – but only at the start of the open beta on the evening of September 24th.

Audio – The volume of various interactions should be revised again. Enemy footsteps should be a little quieter overall, but they should be easier to distinguish from other noises and “friendly” footsteps.

slides – Slides have been a major bone of contention within the community for a while. However, the developers say that the decision to remove slide canceling from the game was received mostly positively. But you want to revise the slide mechanics again to make the gameplay smoother. Some players have also discovered a new slide cancel.

How is the community reacting?

As expected, the reaction from the community is divided. While most players appreciate the open communication from the developers, the individual changes are still being discussed intensively.

Pros and streamers criticize the direction of the game. In their opinion, it would cater too much to casual gamers. The simplification of many mechanics would take away from the game its depth and thus also part of its appeal.

Casual players, on the other hand, welcome many of the changes, praising the revision of the movement, for example. Many of them are happy that slide canceling is now a thing of the past.

The people behind the American news site “CharlieIntel” have also drawn their own conclusions. You say about the feedback from MW2: “It’s like 2019” and is referring to the predecessor CoD MW 2019 (via

Now your opinion is in demand: Do you welcome the changes? Do they go too far for you or not far enough? Please leave us comments.

In addition to the beta, Call of Duty also makes other headlines: the head of EA would have no problem with CoD appearing exclusively for the Xbox in the future.

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