Clip shows nasty bug at World Cup participants, players demand solutions

The best Pokémon GO Trainers are currently battling for the World Championship title in London. But one participant is now showing the nasty bugs they have to deal with there. We at MeinMMO explain to you what it’s all about.

What is this event? The Pokémon Company, in cooperation with the various Pokémon games, is looking for the best trainers in order to award them with the world championship title. And Pokémon GO is also participating in these tournaments this year.

The final competitions are currently taking place in London and the world’s best Pokémon GO trainers are dueling in the GO Battle League. One of them is the user ProfessorRexx, who shares his experiences and, above all, the difficulties of the first day with the reddit community.

By the way: For all trainers, the big World Cup event in Pokémon GO is also running at the same time.

World Cup participants have to struggle with these nasty bugs

On August 18th at 10:00 a.m. German time, the starting signal for the tournaments of the Pokémon World Championships was given in London.

But while it was announced in advance by Niantic that interested trainers would fight via live stream on Twitch one or the other has probably noticed that at the beginning it felt like an eternity of chatter until it actually got down to business.

The supposed reason for this is shared by the reddit user ProfessorRexx in his post. He shows him in a video trying to defeat another trainer in the GO Battle League and writes:

This is the state of affairs at the international world championships. The first game started 2 hours late and the games were still not playable.

ProfessorRexx via

What is the reason for this statement? If you then take a closer look at the video, you will immediately notice that the fight is totally bugged and the game does not react properly to ProfessorRexx’s interaction. In this way, his attacks are not carried out at all during the fight.

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ProfessorRexx shows on reddit that the game does not respond to his inputs

Has the problem existed for a long time? Anyone who regularly plays in the GO battle league will know the problems surrounding the bugs. For months, trainers have been complaining about errors such as network crashes or delays in combat, which sometimes make the PvP battles barely playable.

They keep pointing this out to Niantic in the comments below Pokémon GO’s Twitter posts, but the problems haven’t been fixed yet.

But especially for an event like the Pokémon World Championship, everything should actually run smoothly. After all, it’s about the world championship title and there shouldn’t be a disadvantage for a participant because of a mistake in the game.

“There must be a local mode for competitions”

The reddit users also see it that way and give the post a good reach. Because at the moment he already has over 2,400 upvotes and 339 comments (as of August 19, 2022, 1:50 p.m.). The trainers discussed the video vigorously.

They cannot understand that Niantic has not long since fixed the known problems or alternatively created ways to work around such bugs during competitions. Nevertheless, they are not surprised by the nature of the bugs. So you can do the following on reddit read:

  • ButtonBash: “For competitions like this, there has to be a local mode for the battle data itself. Just avoid the internet completely.”
  • Zekeythekitty: Well, time to get another connection cable.
  • Merlion4ek: “Kind of sad, but you know, not only current GBL players are watching now [GO-Kampfliga-Spieler] true Pokemon GO esports-ready status. Niantic had a full 3 months to fix this. They only fixed fast movement lag… but weak connections, other bugs are still there…”
  • jontslayer: “I don’t understand how the Pokémon Company, especially in their literal presence, allows this to continue to be the norm.”
  • aznknight613: “I’m not surprised. Any game in GBL [GO-Kampfliga]which I played yesterday started with a ‘Weak Connection’ message.”

And JRE47, a reddit user who was already actively involved in the changes to the Community Days for the Pokémon GO community and spoke to Michael Steranka (Director, Pokémon GO Live Game), cannot understand this either.

He assumed that playing in a special local mode in such competitions was already the order of the day to counteract such problems and writes on reddit: “I thought they had done that in other tournaments before this one. Why not at the World Championships, damn it?”

In any case, ProfessorRexx’s video makes one thing clear – the problems in the GO battle league must be fixed promptly in order to enable proper play here. It remains to be seen whether Niantic will find a solution as quickly as possible, at least for the World Cup participants.

What do you think of bugs plaguing the Pokémon World Championship contestants in London? Do you actually play actively in the GO battle league yourself? And do you follow the fights in the live stream? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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