CoD Modern Warfare 2: Unlock Weapons

Those who have access to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta will have access to a wide variety of weapons. However, this is mostly locked and players are wondering how to unlock the weapons this time. We at MeinMMO have the answer for you.

What has changed in MW2 when unlocking the weapons? Call of Duty has always had a fairly simple system for players to unlock their weapons.

All you had to do was increase your level. This always happens when you complete matches and collect as much XP as possible through kills or similar achievements. This increases your account level and automatically unlocks weapons in the respective level levels.

In Modern Warfare 2, however, it’s not quite like that anymore.

The weaponsmith has almost completely left your account level. You can unlock many weapons regardless of your level in the so-called platforms. In the following section we will show you how this works in the beta and what you have to do for it.

Here again the trailer for the weaponsmith in Modern Warfare 2:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Armorer Trailer

Unlock Weapons in Beta – Here’s How

What are platforms? To better understand the new system, you need to know what platforms are. There are two platforms in the beta:

  • The Lachmann Sea Platform
  • The M4 platform

These platforms comprise a collection of weapons that players can review under the “Progress” menu item of an already selected weapon in the Weaponsmith.

This is what a tier system of the respective platforms looks like

So now, to get other weapon models in the series, you need to level up these platforms level by level. So you start in the “M4 platform” with the M4 and then, when you reach the required weapon level, you can unlock the FTAC Recon and the 556 Icarus.

The Icarus and the Recon can then also be leveled up, offer new attachments and unlock other weapons themselves. Once you have unlocked the weapons here, you can select them as usual via the weapon selection – but not beforehand.

In the weapon selection you can see the platform to which a weapon belongs in the upper left under the name of the weapon. The beta also features non-platform weapons.

However, the basic weapons of the individual platforms can still be unlocked via the account level. The Lachmann Platform is Beta Rank 16.

Select your newly acquired rifles and repeat collecting XP. So you can unlock new guns bit by bit. Basically, you are forced to equip unpopular weapons and fight with them. This is the only way you can complete your weapon collection.

So you now unlock all known weapons in the beta. If you don’t have access to the Lachmann, we have just the right trick for you to pack it in your equipment anyway.

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