CoD Warzone 2: Turn off the TV and feed quietly

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, the shooter series gets many new features. In addition to the new Map Al Mazrah, the revised weapon smith or the new DMZ mode, a rather inconspicuous feature could become a real highlight: the proximity chat.

What is Proximity Chat? It is a special form of voice chat that is firmly integrated into the game. In theory, you no longer need to use third-party software such as Teamspeak or Discord to communicate in Warzone.

The special thing about proximity chat is that it scales dynamically with your character. This means that the voice chat will be louder or quieter depending on how far away you are from your fellow players. But be careful, the proximity chat doesn’t only work between team members – your opponents can also hear you.

You can find more information about Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 in this video:

So this form of communication mimics real life. It’s also the case there that you don’t understand each other quite so loudly if you’re not standing close to each other. At best, such a feature can make the gaming experience even more immersive. You get a better sense of distance and your surroundings.

What makes the feature so special?

Already in Modern Warfare 2019 there was the possibility to communicate via language in the game. However, this form of communication was always limited to your own team, you could only hear your opponent’s words in the lobby or on the kill cam.

In Modern Warfare 2, that’s all about to change. So if you’ve ever wanted to cast a few spells while storming an enemy position, you’ll soon have the opportunity to do so.

Who is this feature for? The proximity chat should be of particular interest to players who like to play together with random team members in the war zone. This feature makes communication much easier. If you have access to the beta, you can try the feature for yourself.

If, on the other hand, you are often on the road with a permanent team, then you probably already use programs like Discord. But even then you can use the new feature to do a little practical jokes.

Proximity chat has great potential – but also causes concern

When the first streamers and content creators at the Modern Warfare Next Event found out that proximity chat was included in MW2, the hype was huge.

No wonder, because human interaction always creates exciting or funny moments. You can already imagine how the opponents will react if one player suddenly takes apart a whole team.

You can see what the proximity chat looks like in action here on streamer Myth:

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But some fans are also concerned. As you can see in the video, your opponents are able to overhear your communications. So while you are discussing your strategy with your team, opponents could see this and prepare themselves optimally for your push.

It could get tricky for you if you forget that you activated the feature. So it could quickly happen that background noise reveals your position. So be extra careful when you have the TV on in the background. The same applies if you like to eat nibbles while gambling. A hand in the crackling bag of chips could be responsible for the next visit to the Gulag.

Streamers also have concerns: Some fear that stream snipers will try to abuse the new feature. Imagine them stalking streamers and playing music that’s copyrighted—or saying things that violate the streaming platforms’ terms of service. Something similar had already happened with PUBG or H1Z1, both battle royale games that have a proximity chat.

More on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2:

But here’s the good news: If you don’t feel like using the new feature, you can easily disable it in the options.

Now you’ve been asked: Are you looking forward to the new feature? Or will you disable the option right at the beginning? Write it to us in the comments.

There is currently a lot of speculation not only about CoD and Warzone, the rumor mill is also bubbling over other games: Rockstar Games has had a big leak about GTA VI.

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