CoD Warzone: Allegations of plagiarism against Activision

Again there are allegations of plagiarism against Activision, the publisher behind Call of Duty. It’s about an operator skin that should look so similar to a character from the announced game “Deadrop” that it is now said on Twitter: Activision copied it.

After recent problems with the “Loyal Samoyed” skin in CoD Warzone and Vanguard, Activision is again accused of plagiarism.

On Twitter, users recognized similarities between a new CoD skin and a character from the game studio Midnight Society and their game Deadrop.

It is an announced first-person shooter with NFT elements. The Midnight Society team also includes YouTuber Dr Disrespect, who previously introduced Deadrop’s gameplay.

Here you can see a trailer for CoD: Modern Warfare 2:

The first trailer of CoD: Modern Warfare 2 is online – shows story details and new gameplay mechanics

Which skin is it? It is about the “Tracer Pack: Malware Ultra Skin Bundle”. Below that is an operator skin called Doomsayer. The skin is available in CoD: Vanguard and Warzone. You can find the whole bundle in the CoD shop (via

What is Activision supposed to have copied from? Some Twitter users think there are too many similarities between the new skin in CoD and a character from Dr Disrespect’s announced shooter Deadrop. Now the game studio is accused of copying the skin.

Here you can see the variant operator concept art and the CoD skin side by side in the Twitter post:

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Above all, the supposedly copied skin also comes from former CoD employee Robert Bowling, who is now working on Deadrop as a game developer on the Midnight Society team.

What did Robert Bowling say about that? Robert Bowling aka @fourzerotwo just wrote on Twitter: “At least name him after me.” (via Twitter)

What does Activision say about the allegations? So far, Activision has not released a public statement on the allegations. We at MeinMMO have requested a statement and will update the article as soon as we have received an answer.

What do you say to the allegations of plagiarism? Write it to us in the comments.

Here you can find the new trailer for CoD: Modern Warfare 2, which is currently delighting fans.

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