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Crazy bug in Warzone allows you to kill the enemy in the lobby

Season 5 is one of the most exciting, but that does not mean that we currently have such a chilling bug in Warzone as murdering the rival in the lobby of it.

With the Season 5 update of Call of duty Warzone we have seen a lot of new content added to the game. From operator skins to weapon balancing, the game has taken a very different route. While each update brings us new features it seems being that it has also brought us a long list of bugs and bugs.

The pre-game lobby is intended to serve as a warm-up for players while others are loading to enter. But with the last bug we can kill the enemies even before landing.

Warzone ExecutionDo you dislike someone in the lobby? Warzone has the bug for you

The Warzone bug that allows you to kill the enemy in the lobby

We all know that there are very frustrating bugs in Warzone. It is the case of invisibility or being able to see through walls that can have a huge impact on the game.

The Reddit clip posted by u / Felochel teaches us a crazy new bug in Warzon with which we can create pre-game chaos. While we are waiting the players can warm up, but whatever happens they never have any effect on the match… Until now.

Apparently getting executed at the correct time during pre-match can cause you to die as soon as the match starts. desde CODWarzone

In the clip we can see a player being executed just when the screen goes black and the game is about to begin. Instead of putting the player on the plane directly, he sends him to his death and has to wait to respawn.

We do not know if at the moment it is an isolated bug if it occurs in each of the games. In the case of being the last situation, it is most likely that Activision will fix it in the next patches.

Until then, you know what you can do if you don’t like someone in the Warzone lobby.

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