Destiny 2 is taking legal action against cheat providers

The court between the cheat providers and Bungie is wildly back and forth. First, AimJunkies should be held accountable, but now things are not looking good for the Destiny 2 developers. According to the charges, Bungie is said to have hacked Guardians itself and the cheaters are now using that to their advantage.

What happened? The drama surrounding the lawsuits between Bungie and cheat maker AimJunkies continues. While Bungie had to come up with a new strategy because their lawsuit against the manufacturer failed, AimJunkies is now coming up with a counterclaim. The cheat company claims:

  • Bungie bought their software and experimented with it.
  • A Guardian was reportedly unknowingly and unlawfully hacked into Destiny 2 by Bungie in 2019 to obtain evidence of their trial.
  • Bungie is said to have knowingly started this act of “breaking in”.

AimJunkies is referring to evidence that Bungie has accumulated over the years. The loot shooter developer used this evidence to support his own lawsuit against the cheat developers. But now the tables are being turned and Bungie has to answer in court against its own documents.

Bungie is in the dock this time

What is Bungie accused of? AimJunkies wasn’t intimidated by Bungie’s witch hunt and is now even taking action against the developers. The evidence in the Loot Shooter Team case relates to the keeper “James May”. This is said to have been hacked and monitored by Bungie itself so that evidence for future proceedings could be collected.

Destiny Bulletin also reports on the incident:

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The problem, however, is that Bungie had no right to do so. At the beginning of 2019, guardians had to agree to a license agreement. However, this empowered Bungie not to rummage around in your data at the time like now 2022 for anti-cheat reasons.

Despite this, the loot shooter team took the right to illegally tamper with James May’s data and collect evidence there for his future indictment. However, Bungie failed to realize that this very piece of evidence could be used against them, as is now happening in the AimJunkies counterclaim.

But that’s not the only thing the team is accused of. According to AimJunkies, Bungie itself is said to have acquired cheat software from the operator under the alias “Martin Zeniu”. The Loot Shooter team then use this to experiment and reverse engineer it. However, this in turn violates the agreement of the cheat provider, which you have to agree to when buying.

You may acquire the software, but you may not modify, hack, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, derive the source code, or create derivative works of its software. However, Bungie apparently did that and that is exactly what they are now to be accused of in court.

The counterclaim calls for a jury trial and damages payments to “James May” and Phoenix Digital. It also requires the destruction of anything Bungie has recovered during its access time to May’s computer and AimJunkies software.

It’s amazing to see how quickly the court case has turned the tide and is now turning its own evidence against Bungie itself. However, it remains to be seen how and if Bungie can or will pull itself out of this noose. In any case, AimJunkies does not seem to have resigned and hopes to be able to turn the situation in their favor by directly confronting counter-evidence.

What do you think of the drama? Do you think Bungie shouldn’t have done this to illegally obtain evidence in court? Or do you say such means are legitimate in the fight against cheaters? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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