Destiny 2: King’s Fall – How to master the first raid challenge “The grass is always greener”

In Destiny 2 there is the current raid “King’s Fall” since yesterday new challenges. We will explain to you what that is and, above all, how to master the first challenge “The grass is always greener”.

What is a Raid Challenge? All raids in Destiny 2 are challenging group activities and are part of the endgame. In raids, the players face tricky puzzles together, overcome jump passages in order to finally kill the toughest bosses, who then drop prestigious weapons and armor.

But if that’s not enough for you, you can still face a so-called challenge in a raid. While they still feature classic raid mechanics, they also limit certain playstyles, often requiring you to adjust your team tactics to master them.

All challenges usually take place in a specific raid encounter or phase. There are a total of five such encounters in the “Königsfall” raid – the jump passages and the relic phase are left out.

The relic phase is a good introduction to the raid, but it is not part of the challenges

How to complete the “The grass is always greener” challenge

This is the first encounter: The Grass is Always Greener Raid Challenge takes place in the first phase of the Kingsfall Raid.

This used to require you to pick up special bounties from Hawthorne, but that has changed. The challenge is automatically active when the raid starts. When you start the raid, you will see the relevant information on the bottom left.

Specifically, to complete the “The Grass Is Always Greener” challenge, after taking a side from the buff and discarding your points, you must switch sides. This means that if you first gave up the witch, the knight and your points on the left side of the totem, you move to the right side and do the same procedure there.

When you’re done on the right side, go back to the left side. Basically, this is a relatively uncomplicated interplay. Note, however, that each player must switch sides throughout their rounds. If you don’t do this, the challenge is considered incomplete.

Then, to try again, you can all just die to start the encounter again.

So that you also have a visual idea of ​​how the challenge “The grass is always greener” succeeds and runs, we recommend the IPhiniX video.

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Tips for the challenge

The challenge basically just requires good collusion and equipping a champion mod because of the ogres. It is certainly helpful to always keep an eye on your “changing partners”. These should also always remain the same in a clean passage. Maybe also make sure that your passage is accompanied without deaths, otherwise chaos could ensue.

What’s the reward? If you have successfully mastered the challenge, there is bonus loot in addition to the completion of the title plaque “Königsjäger”. In addition to the standard chest at the end of the encounter, another chest will appear after a short time. This is also top-of-the-line equipment. So it’s worth taking the trouble to do the “The grass is always greener” challenge.

Since each encounter offers you specific loot, this means that for this challenge you can get either the chest armor, greaves or class item, or the Ruin of Chelchis scout rifle and the Qullim Terminus machine gun.

What do you think of the first challenge? Do you find them relaxed or are you already reaching your limits? Let’s find out in the comments!

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