Destiny 2 nerfs Titan’s strongest healing exo

Until last night, Solar Titans were immortal kings in Destiny 2. Earlier this year, Bungie generously gifted them the powerful Solar Armor Exotic “Lorelei Resplendent Helm”. A few weeks later, it was the most popular exotic for Solar Titans, making them nearly invincible. With yesterday’s hotfix, however, the “era of the immortals” ends, because Bungie has drastically improved the exotic again.

Which exotic has Bungie nerfed now? Destiny 2 rolled out update to the servers yesterday, which actually only fixed a few issues in the game and also didn’t bring any nerfs to the Divinity. However, shortly thereafter, Solar Titans noticed that their beloved exotic, the “Lorelei Helm”, was no longer functioning as usual.

They initially hoped that this was just a bug caused by the update. But then Bungie posted the addendum on Twitter that the “Lorelei ceremonial helmet” had received an adjustment. They just forgot to include it in the patch notes.

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A small addendum that immediately caused Solar Titans to give up their beloved Exo in Destiny 2. While the Exotic was still usable after its first nerf, yesterday’s nerf made it half as good.

What was changed on the “Lorelei ceremonial helmet”? In a first nerf on March 3rd, Bungie made sure that the Lorelei ceremonial helmet only generates a sunspot when a barricade is deployed. While critically wounded, it still grants a sunspot, but from then on it also required charged class ability energy.

However, Titans were able to compensate for this first nerf, because the exotic helmet with the wings was still strong enough despite this adjustment – also thanks to the still strong recovery x2.

Yesterday’s adjustment, on the other hand, was much more drastic. Titans now receive half the healing from the helm. Bungie reduced the health recovery from sunspots from x2 to x1 with update

Without the Lorelei ceremonial helmet, there will be more fatalities among the titans instead of mega-heals.

This change now requires Titans to die more often again. Both in PvE and in PvP. And that’s probably because the armor exotic was just too dominant and strong. Especially when compared to other solar options, which hardly any Titans thought about anymore.

Bungie Balance philosophy has changed: In Destiny’s early years, Bungie still wanted a “living game” where there was at least one powerful weapon or exotic each season. Balance is now much more important.

In recent months, the Titan’s Lorelei ceremonial helmet has simply been one of the exotics that hardly any Solar Titan would want to do without. Many even left the helmet on when Bungie brought Arkus 3.0 into play with Season 18. This shows how good the helmet really was in the game.

Titan Exo Season 14 Destiny 2 Path of Burning Steps
The Titan Solar Exotic “Path of Burning Footsteps”.

Probably a bit too strong: The fact that you can get 2x regeneration without having to do anything other than build a barricade was immensely popular with players. This made it almost impossible to die in PvE and offered the easiest way to use it.

In a lot of endgame content, as a Titan, you survived almost everything with it.

  • In the grandmaster dungeon “Duality”, where there are tons of opponents that hunters and warlocks usually kill quickly, the titan’s Lorelei ceremonial helmet ensured solid survivability.
  • And also in PvP, the Lorelei ceremonial helmet trivializes most guardian-versus-guardian fights. Solar Titans always benefited from the fiery heal of the Lorelei ceremonial helmet, followed by faster reloading and a damage buff.
  • Only in PvE Strike difficulty “Leader” did Titans have to take cover from time to time.

Titans need to think about alternatives again: After the nerf, the Lorelei ceremonial helmet has certainly not become unusable. He’s still providing basic heals – just not quite as blatantly.

This should probably ensure that Solar Titans start thinking about alternative options again and vary their armor exo appropriately depending on their activity. In this way, the armor exotics “Heart of the Inner Light” or “Path of the Burning Steps” can come into their own again.

What do you think of the change? Was it necessary because the Helm empowered Titans way too much? Or do you say the nerf is unfair because the helmet was just right the way it was and it didn’t deserve a nerf. Which Exotic do you think the Titans will use now? Feel free to share your thoughts with the Destiny 2 community in the comments.

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