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Deus Ex creator slams “ridiculous, bandwagon” NFTs

Warren Spector is among the creators behind System Shock and Deus Ex, however this maker of futuristic worlds isn’t impressed by NFTs or the metaverse.

Warren Spector may be finest often known as one of many co-creators of video games like the unique Deus Ex and System Shock, however he’s nonetheless making new video games to this present day along with his new studio Otherside.

Whereas talking to VentureBeat about what his new studio has within the works, Spector touched on the latest metaverse and NFT phenomenon, and isn’t too impressed with both.

“NFTs are ridiculous”

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Spector bashed NFTs, the metaverse, and social media through the interview.

When the subject of NFTs was introduced up, Spector admitted he would possibly “get in trouble” for his take, however added he didn’t actually care both means.

“NFTs are ridiculous. I do not understand why anybody would want to climb on that bandwagon,” he mentioned. “Ownership of virtual goods that can be instantly reproduced in unlimited quantities. Who thinks that’s a good idea? So NFTs, I have no interest.”

In the identical vein, he additionally isn’t too impressed with the metaverse both, declaring that VR appears to return round to “save whatever medium needs saving” each few years.

“I like living in the real world,” he added. “I don’t particularly find putting on a headset and interacting virtually with other people, not knowing if my wife is coming up behind me with a baseball bat–that just doesn’t appeal to me.”

metaverse-proper-13697The Metaverse is commonly touted as the subsequent huge factor by these concerned, however Spector isn’t satisfied.

The identical goes for social media generally, which the sport designer in comparison with a recreation of Dungeons and Dragons, as an alternative of a significant solution to join with different individuals.

“I always told people when I was doing [social media] – it’s like playing Dungeons and Dragons,” Spector claimed. “Where the number of followers you have is your level. If you have a lot of followers you’re a winner, or you’re powerful in some way. I just want to make games.”

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