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Diablo 4 reveals more about the shop and monetization

In a blog post, the developers of Diablo 4 have published the first information about the monetization of the action RPG. And we want to know your opinion on it.

When the mobile offshoot Diablo Immortal celebrated its release in June, voices were quickly raised that harshly criticized the game’s financing model. The monetization of almost every aspect of the gameplay met with incomprehension and anger from many fans, which is why the mobile game Diablo Immortal was bombarded with negative reviews on Metacritic.

Concerns about Diablo 4 were also expressed at the time, to which Blizzard developers quickly replied that the financing of the big action RPG would be different than Immortal.

Blizzard announced: In an update on the state of Diablo 4, developers Joe Piepiora and Kegan Clark have outlined how the game will be financed. It was emphasized several times that there will be no Pay2Win mechanics.

Instead, on the one hand, the game gets an in-game shop where players can buy “accessories” that are purely cosmetic and customize the appearance of the game characters. Premium currency is required for purchase.

On the other hand, there will also be a Season Pass based on the Battle Passes from games like Fortnite and Warzone. The pass will have several levels that you can “climb” as you play. The following should apply:

  • The premium tiers aren’t meant to provide gameplay advantages over other players, they’re all about looks and transmog
  • However, the free levels offer all players bonuses that, for example, speed up leveling

You can find all information about this in our summary:

Diablo 4 makes a clear statement about Pay2Win: This is how the shop and season pass work

How to vote: We now want to know what your opinion on the financing model of Diablo 4 is. You can cast your vote in the poll tool below. Everyone has only one vote and the choice cannot be undone:


So tell me: What do you think of the information that has been given to us so far? Do the shop and the season pass sound fair to you or not? Do you have any special requests or concerns regarding Diablo 4 monetization?

Let us know in the comments and have fun voting!

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