Diablo 4 will soon start closed beta on PC, PlayStation and Xbox – promises to invite “many players”.

Blizzard has finally shared information about the first beta of the upcoming Diablo 4. Until November, players should be invited to test the endgame content of the action RPG. Veterans who have already played the predecessors extensively have a chance of being invited.

When does the beta start? There is no concrete start date yet. in the blog post However, Blizzard says that the invitations to the closed beta should be sent out by November 18th. So roughly calculate in mid-November.

However, you only have until October 11th to register for the test. Anyone who does not receive an invitation can participate in the open beta in early 2023.

How do I join? Make sure you’re signed up for the beta in Diablo if you plan to generally participate in testing. According to Blizzard, you should also complete the following steps for the closed beta:

  • Visit the website or the launcher
  • Click on your username and visit your “Account Settings” or “View Account”
  • Under “Privacy” navigate to the “Information Settings” sub-item and edit them using the edit icon on the right
  • Check the “ News and Offers” box
  • You have until October 11th to do so

Above all, Blizzard wants to select players who have already gained a lot of experience with endgame content in Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal. The closed beta will only offer content after the level phase.

The reveal trailer already revealed the release period at the Xbox showcase:

Diablo 4 reveals release timeline and new gameplay – Shows character editor and open world in trailer

Diablo 4: Closed Beta with focus on Endgame

What’s in the beta? Blizzard wants to test the endgame of Diablo 4 with the closed beta, i.e. what provides long-term motivation after the campaign. Specifically, the developers name 5 content that will be playable:

light tide

Some regions will be overrun by enemies on World Tier 3: Nightmare. Enemies get stronger and drop better loot in this zone-wide event. You can also get “Cinders” here to open special chests in the area. If you die, you lose your ashes.

Nightmare Dungeons

After getting your first “Nightmare Seal” you can enter Nightmare Dungeons. Each seal corresponds to a specific dungeon and adds modifiers to it, making it more difficult and improving loot quality. During the runs you get more seals to make the dungeons even harder.

Whispers of the Dead

“Whispers” appear on your map. These are tasks that you are asked to complete and for which you will receive Grim Favors. You can exchange 10 of these favors for loot and experience points at the “Tree of Whispers”. According to the description, the system is reminiscent of the bounties from Diablo 3.

Fields of Hatred

Certain zones will be cursed and become open PvP zones. In cursed areas you can kill demons for Seeds of Hatred. If you bring this to an altar, you can use it to create Red Dust. With this you can buy cosmetics. But if another player kills you, they can take the collected seeds from you.

Paragon boards

From level 50 you can test the detailed Paragon system. The system serves as character development after reaching the maximum level and is significantly more extensive in Diablo 4 than in its predecessors. You can find out more about this in our post on Paragon and items in Diablo 4.

What classes can I play in the beta? According to current information, there will be no restrictions. So you can probably try any of the game’s starter classes. In our special we introduce you to all 5 classes of Diablo 4 with gameplay.

We have included gameplay for 3 of the classes here for you:

Diablo 4: Druid, Sorceress and Barbarian in the gameplay trailer

May I talk about the beta? No, the entire closed beta test will take place under an NDA, i.e. with a non-disclosure agreement. You may not share your experiences or stream content.

Those who do not follow the rules are usually excluded from the test and all future tests. Depending on the NDA, other penalties may also apply. But that doesn’t stop some players from already diligently sharing gameplay:

Leaker abuses alpha access, showing 43 minutes of Diablo 4 gameplay and the shop

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