Drop at Otto with multiple bundles!

You can currently order a PS5 console from the dealer Otto. MeinMMO tells you what you have to consider.

This is the drop: There are currently four different bundles available from Otto, both in the digital and disc editions.

The PS5 console is still in high demand and still hard to find. The demand is still so high that even Sony can hardly keep up with the production of the PS5. Gamers therefore use every opportunity to buy a PS5.

Where to buy a PS5 You can currently get various bundles of games and the PS5 console from the online retailer Otto. Some of the bundles are already sold out, but experience has shown that a few more bundles will follow in the course of the morning.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to buy a PS5, keep an eye on Otto’s shop this morning.

PS5: which console is better, with or without disc drive?

Don’t like the bundles? More bundles could follow later this morning. We cannot give you an absolute guarantee for this, as we have no insight into the shop’s data. For a better overview, you can also look directly at Otto’s main page and save the page as a bookmark. You can find them all here PS5 bundles and offers from Otto directly in the overview.

Didn’t get a PS5? If you didn’t get a PS5, it’s best to check our ticker. Here we keep you up to date and explain how you can best get a PS5 and show you drops for the coveted console.

Buy PS5 – All offers in the ticker

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