“Everyone is so effeminate today”

The controversial streamer Corinna Kopf (26) became successful with Fortnite, but now mainly shows gambling. She blames “wimpy viewers” ​​for the restrictions that Twitch wants to put in place against gambling.

Who is Corinna Kopf? With over a million followers, Corinna Kopf is one of the larger streamers on Twitch. In 2019 she switched to Facebook Gaming due to a temporary ban, but has been streaming regularly on Twitch since March 2022.

On Twitch, she’s mostly in the “Slots” gambling category and has been the 6th most watched streamer in this area for the last 30 days (via sullygnome, Status: 09/29/2022). Like many other streamers in this category, she had struck a deal with online casino Stake.

After Twitch announced stricter regulations for gambling streams on September 21, which are to become active in mid-October, Kopf criticized the platform in a stream.

Before streamers found success with gambling, those streamers were already making it big.

Twitch: Who were the first successful streamers?

“Soon we won’t be allowed to do anything anymore”

This is how Corinna Kopf reacted to the restrictions: In a September 21 stream, Kopf criticized the new gambling regulations. She fears that all “unhealthy habits” could soon be banned.

She blamed society above all for this.

Everyone is so effeminate these days. Every day you are influenced to do so many things that are not good for you financially, physically and mentally.

Corinna Kopf via Twitch

This is what Corinna Kopf fears: According to Kopf, soon you won’t even be allowed to drink in the stream, because that promotes alcoholism. Smoking could also be a thing of the past.

It’s a dangerous thing, soon you won’t be allowed to do anything anymore, Kopf fears. Instead of more restrictions, Kopf would obviously prefer to rely on self-responsibility. The streamer says it should be up to players to decide whether to show gambling or talk about it on their channels.

To the background: After a scandal surrounding the gaming-addicted Twitch streamer “ItsSlikeR”, several major streamers launched a call to ban gambling on the platform. Twitch gave in and restricted gambling.

Starting October 18, gambling will be banned on sites that are not licensed in the US or any other country with adequate consumer protections. This also includes Stake, which Twitch even explicitly mentioned (via Twitter).

How were the reactions? While Twitch received a lot of praise for its decision, the major gaming streamers reacted rather negatively. One of the biggest casino streamers, Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, started a full-blown scandal.

Corinna Kopf took on popular streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys. This was one of the streamers who had called for a ban and was targeted by Trainwreck and Corinna Kopf.

While Trainwreck claimed in a leaked call that Pokimane was “the most corrupt person on Twitch,” Kopf accused her of double standards. In a tweet, she hinted that Pokimane herself had featured gambling in a video.

Pokimane then offered Kopf that if she needed a new job, she could join her team as an employee and maybe edit videos or something.

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Corinna Kopf criticizes Pokimane

What’s next for Corinna Kopf? This is not known yet. Nor does she continue to feature gambling in her streams, which she captions “gambling is bad.” In addition to Twitch, however, she also runs successful YouTube and Instagram accounts to which she can switch.

What is your opinion? Is everyone responsible for themselves, or should Twitch protect its viewers?

The currently largest streamer in the world, former Overwatch pro Félix “Qc” Lengyel, also received a lot of criticism for his gambling streams. Now he admitted those streams weren’t okay – he just didn’t care.

One of the biggest gambling streamers says he wants a ban on Twitch – but he’s not sorry

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