Extremely popular YouTuber only shows up with a mask – Now Dream reveals his face

Dream is one of the biggest YouTubers and is celebrated by millions of viewers for its content in Minecraft. But nobody really knows what he actually looks like. Now Dream has indeed announced its “face reveal” – and it might not be long now.

Who is Dream?

  • The 23-year-old YouTuber runs a huge channel with over 30 million subscribers on the video platform. He convinces with crazy content ideas and a pleasant voice.
  • One of his unique selling points is his mask. He never takes them off in his videos. Never. As soon as his hair was visible, viewers freaked out.
  • Such is his popularity that he even survived a cheat scandal and was then named Content Creator of the Year 2021.
  • A “face reveal” seemed unthinkable for a long time, but now Dream has announced it.

Dream is huge on YouTube, had its hype in 2019. Sometimes just one clip is enough to garner some notoriety:

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Dream shows his face this year, otherwise he will delete his channel

When does Dream show his face? There is no fixed date yet.

However, Dream has announced that it will be present with its “Dream Team” at TwitchCon in San Diego, USA. It is currently suspected that the face reveal could take place before that. He will publish a video for it on his channel (via

  • Possible date “Face-Reveal”: Between September 23rd and October 7th

In an older statement on the subject, the YouTuber promises that he will reveal his face by Christmas at the latest. Otherwise he will delete his fat YouTube channel with over 30 million subscribers (via

There is already a first “teaser”. Dream posted a censored photo of himself on Snapchat:

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A covered face can be a good marketing tool, we know that in Germany too. The rappers Cro and Sido also only showed themselves with a mask at the beginning of their careers and benefited from the fact.

This can also be an advantage for your private life. Dream is probably one of the few YouTubers with over 30 million subscriptions who can still walk relaxed through a large shopping mall without being besieged directly by fans.

You can also see how popular the YouTuber is in the following example: Minecraft: Hype about YouTuber Dream is getting more and more crazy – Now a US Senator congratulates

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