Fashion Week brings you Garstella, new costumes & lots of Shinys

In Pokémon GO, the monsters will dress up again from Tuesday, because the Fashion Week event is coming up. In addition to two new Pokémon, there are also some costumes and lots of Shinys. We at MeinMMO will show you which spawns and bonuses await you.

Which event is it about? Like last year, the monsters in Pokémon GO will get ready for the big runway appearance again this year. This is how you can find new costumed monsters in the game during Fashion Week and look forward to a Pokémon debut.

There will also be a lot of Shinys. The following highlights await you during the event:

  • Garstella and Aggrostella will be available in the game for the first time
  • Digda, Digdri, Absol and Toxiquak appear in a stylish look
  • Coifwaff makes its Shiny debut in the game
  • Yveltal returns to the raids and can be caught as Shiny for the first time

When is the event running? Fashion Week begins in Pokémon GO on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. local time and runs through October 03, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. local time.

These are the new Pokémon and costumes

During Fashion Week, two new Pokémon will make their debut in the game: Garstella and Aggrostella. You’ll also be able to encounter Shiny Coiffwaff and Shiny Yveltal for the first time, as well as a whole host of costumed Pokémon.

In addition to monsters that could already be caught in costumes last year, such as Sheinux with a hat, Kussilla with a bow, Elezeba with a collar or Glibunkel with a cap, four more Pokémon have dressed up this year. We’ll show you what they are and briefly introduce you to the new monsters below.

Garstella and Aggrostella

The new additions to Fashion Week are Garstella and Aggrostella. Garstella is a Poison and Water-type Pokémon from the 7th generation of games. It can be evolved into Aggrostella. You can recognize the little monster by its purple body, sharp white teeth and long blue-purple hair.

During the event, it will spawn in the wild, be found in level 3 raids, and hide in the event field research. In order to also secure Aggrostella, you must develop Garstella accordingly. You need 50 candies for this.

The further development has a very eye-catching appearance. Like Garstella, it has a small, purple body with large eyes and pointed teeth. Instead of long hair, however, it is now surrounded by huge, blue tentacles that wrap protectively around the small body.

Incidentally, Aggrostella is already causing a lot of conversation in the community. We have summarized here why coaches are concerned that it can destroy the game.


Coiffwaff is a Pokémon that should not be missing at Fashion Week in Pokémon GO due to its different hairstyles. For the first time, the monster from the 6th game generation can also be caught in its dazzling form in the game.

This differs by a dark coat and a light face. Look out for them in the wild, in level 1 raids, and in research tasks throughout the event. Since Coiffwaff has a total of 9 different shapes that differ in their haircut, you can also secure a wide variety of Shinys accordingly.

The following reddit post by TopAssistance2 shows what these look like:

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In the following article we will tell you how you can change the forms and to which regions they are linked:

Pokémon GO: Coiffwaff change form – this is how you save all 9 forms


The legendary dark and flying Pokémon from the 6th generation of games returns to the level 5 raids as part of Fashion Week. Yveltal benefits from high Attack and good Stamina, as well as solid Defense stats, making it one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO.

It is also impressive in the master league. This makes it particularly interesting for many players. In addition, for the first time you can find the monster in its dazzling form in the game for Fashion Week. You can recognize them by their red body and white wings.

Yveltal normal (left) and as Shiny (right)

These are the new costumes for fashion week

In addition to the new monsters and shinys, you can also meet Digda and his evolution Digdri with a hat during the event. There will also be an Absol with sunglasses and a Toxiquak with a cap for the first time.

Glibunkel, Toxiquak’s pre-evolution, could be caught in this costume in the past. You will also find this this year for Fashion Week in the wilderness, in level 1 raids, in field research and in 7 km eggs and you can develop it further with this costume for the first time.

These are the new costumes for fashion week

All fashion week spawns

But you can not only meet new monsters during the fashion week. Many more Pokemon with and without costumes will spawn in the wild, in raids, and in 7km Eggs. We have summarized what these are for you below. We have all the Pokémon that you can encounter in their dazzling forms with one


  • Pokemon in the wild:
  • Butterfly in a stylish look*
  • Kramurx*
  • Charmian*
  • Glibunkel in a stylish look*
  • Elezeba in a stylish look*
  • Mollimorba
  • Quabble (female)
  • hairdresser*


  • found less often:
  • Digda in a stylish look*
  • Kirlia in a stylish look*

Absol in a stylish look*

  • Pokemon from 7km Eggs:
  • Digda in a stylish look*
  • Kussilla in a stylish look*
  • Sheinux in a stylish look*

Glibunkel in a stylish look*

  • Pokemon from Raids: Level 1 Raids:
  • Digda in a stylish look*, Sheinux in a stylish look*, Glibunkel in a stylish look*, Zurrokex, Coiffwaff* Level 3 Raids:
  • Stylish Look Butterfree*, Stylish Look Kirlia*, Stylish Look Absol*, Garstella Level 5 Raids:
  • Yvel Valley* Mega Raids:

mega slack*

All fashion week bonuses

  • Fashion Week not only brings you lots of spawns. You can also look forward to one or the other bonus during the event. The following bonuses await you:
    • temporary fashion week research
  • Reward: Stylish Look Digda encounter*, Stylish Look Absol*, and Stylish Look Glibuncle*
  • Snapshot surprises
    • Event research on PokéStops
  • Reward: Encountering Eevee*, Kramurx*, Eneco*, Charmian*, Glibunkel in a stylish look*, Elezeba in a stylish look*, Coiffwaff*, Garstella
new avatar items in the shop

New Avatar items for Fashion Week

How do you like the content of the fashion week? Which of the monsters are you looking forward to the most? And which bonuses would you have wished for for this event? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

By the way: The content and the Pokémon for Community Day in October are known. We’ll show you what to expect at this event.

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