FIFA 22 Web App will be deactivated today

The FIFA 22 Web App is scheduled to be deactivated today, while the version for FIFA 23 is getting closer. We show you all the information here.

When will the FIFA 22 Web App be deactivated? at EA Help it was announced that the FIFA 22 Web App will be deactivated today, September 16, 2022. An official time is not yet known – according to the current status, the login is still available.

As soon as there is more information here, we will update the article.

Which app is it? First of all, it’s all about the FIFA 22 Web App, i.e. the version in the browser that you can also use on the PC, for example. The companion app for FIFA 22, on the other hand, does not seem to be affected.

What about the FIFA 22 Companion App? The Companion App is the application for iOS and Android that can be downloaded directly to the smartphone. For the time being, no deactivation has been announced for today.

However, it is known that the FIFA 22 companion app will be updated to the FIFA 23 version on September 22nd. By then at the latest you will no longer be able to access your FUT22 team via the app.

What’s next for the FIFA Web App?

This applies to FIFA 22: If you want to continue managing your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team via app once the web app is disabled, you will need to use the Companion App. But that can only be done with a smartphone or tablet.

Apart from the apps, you can continue to play your Ultimate Team in the game itself – even after FIFA 23 has been released.

This applies to FIFA 23: A new version of the web app is coming for FIFA 23. But it won’t appear today, but in just under a week. You can find out everything about the start of the FIFA 23 Web App here.

You won’t need to download the web app, you’ll just have to go back to the website to log in. But: Only players with a FUT account can use the early access to the app before the release of FIFA 23. New players will not be able to login until the game is released.

The companion app, on the other hand, will not be updated until September 22nd. You can either download it again or simply update it to FIFA 23.

Are you still using the FIFA 22 Web App, or are you already through with your “old” Ultimate Team anyway? Or do you generally prefer to continue playing FIFA 22 instead of continuing in FIFA 23? Tell us in the comments.

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