FIFA 23: Backup Codes for the Web App

Today the FIFA 23 Web App is released. So that you are prepared for possible login problems, you can secure so-called “backup codes” now.

What problems could arise? Many FIFA fans are waiting for the web app release, and when the FIFA 23 web app is launched, numerous fans will probably want to get into the app at once.

In past FIFA releases, this regularly caused login problems at the start. You could hardly get into the web app, the rush was so great. But the main problem only followed with the actual login: Many players have to verify themselves again in order to be able to access their account in the web app.

For this purpose, EA can send a verification code via email. But with previous releases, this step took a very long time, precisely because so many users had to be served.

But then you can try an alternative.

This is how backup codes for FIFA 23 work

These are backup codes: The backup codes are an alternative verification option that can be prepared in advance of the web app release. You can use these codes for the release if the mail from EA only arrives with a delay.

How to get the codes:

  • Sign in to your EA Account. Click here for the login page (via
  • Select the small user icon in the top right of the screen.
  • Now go to your settings.
  • Select the “Security” section.
  • Under “Backup Codes” click on “Show”.
  • You will now receive a verification code at your email address. This is not the correct code yet. You need it to display your backup codes.
  • Enter the code in the input mask of your EA account.
  • Now you will see a total of 6 personal codes that you can use for verification.
  • Important: Do not leave these codes out in the open as they can be used to log into your EA Accounts.

With these codes you are at least prepared if there should be a delay in the early access of the web app, which starts today. Once the web app is released, players who already have a FUT account will be able to log in and now access features such as the transfer market. If you are a brand new player, you will have to wait for the release of the game to log into Ultimate Team for the first time.

Speaking of early access: There is currently no demo for FIFA 23 – how can you play beforehand?

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