FIFA 23 is missing a demo

If you are looking for a FIFA 23 demo, you will not find it at the moment and a test version is not to be expected. How to play FIFA 23 before official release?

Where is the FIFA 23 demo? For years, players have been completely used to FIFA getting a free demo before the game itself is released. There you could play your first matches, test selected teams and get an impression of the new features of the game.

But in 2020, EA broke with this tradition and for the first time released no demo version for FIFA 21. In the following year, the demo for FIFA 22 did not materialize either.

Accordingly, a demo before the release of FIFA 23 can no longer be expected. If you want to test the game beforehand, you have to use other options. However, they usually cost money.

How to play pre-release FIFA 23 on PlayStation, XBox and PC?

As of now, there are only a few ways to access FIFA 23 before the release.

The first of these were the beta phases for FIFA 23, which have now expired. So you can’t get in there anymore.

Current options are:

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition: The official release date of FIFA 23 is September 30th. But if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23, you can get into the game from September 27th, three days before the start.

One thing to keep in mind is that this version is more expensive than the standard edition, depending on the platform. However, it also brings a few other benefits. You can see whether this is worthwhile for you by comparing the FIFA 23 editions.

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Early Access via EA Play: If you have an EA Play membership, you can access a trial version of FIFA 23, which will also unlock on September 27th. However, this is limited to 10 hours.

EA Play currently costs 3.99 euros per month, or 24.99 euros per year. An advantage for players with the Xbox Game Pass: Here EA Play is already included.

Early access via EA Play Pro: EA Play Pro currently costs EUR 14.99 per month or EUR 99.99 per year and gives you access to numerous EA titles. The Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 is also one of them. If you have EA Play Pro, you can use this version from September 27th – without a time limit.

These are the current ways to play FIFA 23 ahead of the official release date. You can also use the web app.

What about the web app? In the web app, you can only access a few features of Ultimate Team. This includes the transfer market, team management, SBCs and other content. However, the web app does not offer real football gameplay.

However, if you are a returning player with a FUT account, you can jump into the web app as early as September 21st. You can find out everything about the FIFA 23 Web App launch here.

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