FIFA 23 is probably planning a crossover with a popular football series

FIFA 23 fans are discussing a tweet from Hollywood star Jason Sudeikis. Will he end up as coach Ted Lasso with AFC Richmond in the new game?

What series is it? Running on Apple TV+, “Ted Lasso” features eponymous American football coach Ted Lasso – played by Jason Sudeikis. He ends up at the fictional Premier League club AFC Richmond in England and is supposed to train the football team there without having much experience in the field.

The comedy series has so far produced two seasons and is not only very popular with football fans: it has collected numerous awards, including for its actors. Jason Sudeikis, for example, won the Golden Globe for his role, and Ted Lasso was also honored at the Emmys.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Ted Lasso also has a strong 95% critic rating, 80% viewer rating (via

What does this have to do with FIFA 23? It could be that Ted Lasso and his AFC Richmond actually show up in the game. The series’ official Twitter account shared a picture of Jason Sudeikis apparently being scanned for a video game. EA Sports, in turn, commented on this with a big googly-eyed emoji:

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In addition, leaks in the FIFA subreddit (via reddit) or shared on Twitter (e.g. at FUTZone – via Twitter) shared, pointing to AFC Richmond and Ted Lasso as managers. So it would be conceivable that “Ted Lasso” actually appears in the game after the release of FIFA 23.

This is how fans react to the possible crossover in FIFA 23

What fans say: On reddit, Ted Lasso in FIFA is already being discussed in the Games and FIFA subreddits, and some fans are also giving their opinions on Twitter. Some Ted Lasso fans suggest that this would actually be a reason for them to look into FIFA and take over AFC Richmond. The FIFA community is also excited. Many are talking about a cool crossover that could be fun:

  • “That’s perfect! I finally got around to watching the series (easily 10/10 if you haven’t seen it) and was planning to do my club AFC Richmond with similar kits and stadiums. Now, even better,” commented one user (via reddit).
  • “In addition, some players remember other “fantasy” characters in FUT: “It’s similar to when you could bring a player from career mode into the game,” compares user Ziptop (via reddit) – previously you could use the story player “Alex Hunter” in Ultimate Team.
  • “Well, since this game isn’t about mirroring real-world football anymore, I’m all for it,” writes user DracarysUT (via reddit).

In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time that non-soccer characters have ended up in FIFA. For example, you could play Dua Lipa, Anthony Joshua or other stars in Volta.

At the same time, some players are critical of the possible crossover:

  • “Oh god, no, that’s really stupid. Next they will add Captain America and Tim Cook to the game. By the end of the game, people will have “meta” squads with Jeff Bezos in goal and Jon Snow at left-back,” predicted one (via reddit).
  • “One step closer for FIFA towards Fortnite,” writes a user (via reddit). Fortnite is known for excessive crossovers, and while that excites some players, there are also some who are fed up with crossovers there.

In FIFA, realism has always been an important point. So there are many fans who want a realistic representation of the football world in FIFA. However, FIFA is moving further and further away from “realism” when it comes to Ultimate Team – from completely crazy special maps for players to colorful, customizable stadiums with crazy choreographies.

What do you think of the possible crossover? Would it suit FIFA for you, or is it rather not for you? Tell us in the comments!

By the way, many players are waiting for the FIFA 23 Web App. You can find out everything about the start of the FIFA 23 Web App here.

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