FIFA 23: Lengthy trick causes problems for EA

In a post on Twitter, EA Sports comments on problems with the new speed system in FIFA 23. We explain what it’s all about.

What is this new Sprint system? In FIFA 23, EA introduced the so-called AcceleRATE system, which includes 3 different types of sprints: Controlled, Lengthy and Explosive. And especially the lengthy sprint is currently on everyone’s lips, because it can turn relatively lame players into really fast beasts.

We have shown you here exactly how this works and for which players it is currently worthwhile:

Now, however, there are problems with the Sprint system.

EA speaks of problems with the lengthy and explosive sprint

What does EA Sports say? The FIFA developer commented on Twitter about problems with the new AcceleRATE system. Depending on the combination of chemistry style and player card, not all players should currently receive the correct sprint types. The Lengthy and Explosive Sprints are affected.

We’re investigating an issue where the AcceleRATE values ​​for Explosive and Lengthy aren’t updating correctly on certain combinations of player items and chemistry styles.

FIFA Direct Communication (via Twitter)

However, the development studio has not revealed why the cards receive the wrong sprint styles and which cards have the problem. However, a developer from EA has on Twitter re-released the correct values ​​needed to get the different sprint styles.

There were different values ​​in circulation, some of which were based on data before the release. Here you can see the correct requirements:

What’s next? EA has not yet announced a time frame for solving the problems or an exact procedure. As soon as something happens on the subject, you will find out from us.

What do you say about the topic? Are you concerned that some of your players might soon no longer be among the lengthy sprinters? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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