FIFA 23: POTM Messi – Is it worth solving the expensive SBC?

In FIFA 23, POTM Messi was released. You can now get the card through an SBC. But is the solution worth it?

This is POTM Messi: A “POTM” is the “Player of the Month”. This title exists in different leagues and in the French Ligue 1 it has now been won by Lionel Messi.

The POTM can now be unlocked via a Squad Building Challenge (SBC). There you have to trade several teams full of players to get the card from POTM Messi.

POTM Messi in comparison: Here’s the regular Messi card (left) versus the new POTM card (right).

Purely in terms of the values, the upgrade is not too severe. There is exactly one point for all stats on top, and the overall rating also goes up one point.

Weak foot, skill moves, low work rate offensively and defensively – it all stays the same. Also, he has the “Explosive” stride, not the strong “Lengthy” stride.

The biggest difference besides the card design is the new position: you can set up POTM Messi as ZOM, i.e. in the central offensive midfield. However, he has no alternative positions. The gold card is traveling on the right wing, with alternative position RM.

Is the POTM Messi SBC worth it in FIFA 23?

This is what you have to do for POTM Messi: There are a total of 6 teams that you should trade in.

  • An 84 team with a PSG player and a TOTW
  • An 85 team with an Argentine and a TOTW
  • An 86 team with a Ligue 1 player and at least one player rated above 87
  • An 87 team with a TOTW player
  • An 87 team with at least one player rated above 88
  • An ’88 team

How expensive is the SBC? On futbin, players are already collecting the first solutions. As of now, the SBC requires players worth about 780,000 coins (via futbin).

But that only applies if you have to buy all players new for it. If you already have suitable players in the club, for example from Division Rivals rewards, you can use them and only spend coins to buy additional players.

In addition, it is quite possible that the price of the SBC will drop in the coming hours and days, since the transfer market in FIFA 23 is subject to constant fluctuations. Players who match the SBCs can be particularly expensive so shortly after release.

Is POTM Messi’s solution worth it? With only one point overall upgrade and the ZOM position, the changes compared to the normal map are quite small. The gold card is currently available on the transfer market for around 241,000 coins.

So shortly after the release of the SBC, the price of POTM Messi seems quite expensive. It is best to only solve the SBC at this point if you already have many suitable players in the club and would like to exchange them for Messi. If you have to rely heavily on the transfer market, the Gold Messi card is more suitable – or be patient until the price has dropped.

POTM Messi will be available until November 20, 2022. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to solve the SBC quickly. If you want to solve them, you can, for example, first collect rewards from the Weekend League and then use them in the SBC.

If you are still looking for a good formation for this: Here you will find strong formations for FIFA 23.

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