Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic is out: Everything you need to know

The Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics are finally in action. The storyline is starting to take shape. The first issue of the comic ends in a cliffhanger and it seems that the storyline in the game may be taking.

The Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic series comes with an exciting code for a specific in-game reward. The Harley Quinn DC Rebirth skin will be the first of many rewards.

The storyline’s direction after the first issue of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic

The comic starts with a usual Batman style. In the beginning, we can see Batman talking to Commissioner Gordon about the split in the sky. Some people began running towards the split to which Batman told Commissioner Gordon to evacuate the people.

Batman swings towards the split where he met an annoyed Harley Quinn. She was annoyed because she was left alone while others went into the rift. At the next moment, Batman engages her but she refuses to tell about the incident.

While analyzing the split a dark shadow kicks Batman from behind to the split. Batman then appears in the world of Fortnite. We can see the comic focusing the Fortnite island. Batman being confused fights hard until he meets Catwoman.

The journey to the world of Fortnite has consumed batman’s ability to talk and memory. Still, he found a strange familiarity towards Catwoman. Together they fight off some enemies while the storm nearing on them.

This is where the storyline stands now.

The release date of the second issue

The publisher has still not informed the community about the cosmetics which come with the second issue of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics. As per the schedule, the second issue will be released on May 4th.

On the other hand, we have a hint of cosmetics. Twitter is flooding with the upcoming cosmetics. Considering the accuracy of previous speculations, this may come true!

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