Fortnite Chicken Locations – Where to Hunt & Fly 20 Meters With A Chicken

Here is where you will be able to find chickens in Fortnite to complete the “Hunt a chicken” and “Fly 20 meters with a chicken” Week 3 Fortnite Challenges.

Epic Games are always adding new things to Fortnite to keep the game fresh and exciting, and one of the new things Epic have added to the game is chickens. The week 3 challenges of Fortnite Season 6 requires you to use chickens and in order to complete these challenges, you will need to know the best possible place to find them.

The two challenges that requires you to use chickens for Week 3 of the Fortnite challenges are “Hunt a chicken” and “Fly 20 meters with a chicken”. Completing the challenges will award you with 24,000 XP each.

Fortnite Chickens

Fortnite Chicken Locations

Chickens can be found in different grassy areas of the map, but there are some POIs (Points of Interests) in which you are more likely to find chickens. You will be able to find them in one of the new named locations for the season, Colossal Crops and the landmark called Steel Farm. Steel Farm is not named on the map, but can be found just east of Colossal Crops, as seen on the map below:

Fortnite Colossal Crops and Steel Farm Map Location – Chickens

Once here, you should be able to find at least one chicken. When you go close to the chicken, it will run away, but all you need to do is chase is and you will be able to interact with it when you are close enough where you will be grab it.

How to Fly 20 Meters with a Chicken in Fortnite

Once you have grabbed a chicken, you will be able to fly with it, simply by jumping. If you go to the edge of a hill or a cliff and jump, you will also fly with the chicken. In order to complete the week 3 challenge, you will only need to fly a total of 20 meters.

Fortnite Fly 20 Meters with a Chicken


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