Fortnite glitch that turns in-game skins into miniature character; here is how

Glitches are one of the few things which increases the fun in playing Fortnite. This new Fortnite glitch turns in-game skins into miniature characters.

This is really awesome! Miniature characters has its own competitive advantages which makes it funnier as well as ferocious. The players can only experience this Fortnite glitch in Creative mode.

Everything you need to know about the Fortnite glitch

First of all this Fortnite glitch only works in the creative map of the following code 2336-9526-3507. This map is known as the resize skin map. Players need to start the game in this map and need to head over the left side of the map where the link water is located.

The word “SMALL” is written at the entrance. Players need to crouch and move into the pink water and shoot the prop gun prop. If it is done correctly, gamers will get to a screen that says the resize has been successful.

After this players needs to return to the fortnite island and change their skin. If the steps are followed accurately, then the players still will be a miniature character even after changing the skin.

This glitch is one of the most powerful ones in the entire fortnite world as it can make huge differences in the game. Since the players are smaller, others would have a hard time spotting the player. Distances can also be a major threat for others because of the smaller hit box.

Till now this isn’t the only glitch in the fortnite world. There is another one which could help the players to complete their quests easily. Please ensure that you try this now. It’s because, Fortnite 16.30 update is scheduled for Tuesday. There are high chances for the glitches to be patched.

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