Fortnite Infantry Rifle; How to find the weapon in Fortnite season 6

Fortnite recently unvaulted the Fortnite Infantry Rifle. The weapon is highly efficient to cause a lot of damage to enemies. Currently, it is one of the most-sought weapons in Fortnite. The weapon is very cool and the players will love it.

It is very easy to find this uncommon-rated weapon in fortnite. The weapon can found from loot chests and floor loots. It is available across the entire map.

The weapon has a firepower of 4 bullets per second. Each bullet contains a staggering 38 damage. If we add all the four bullets, it gives us a whopping 152 damage per second. The weapon’s magazine capacity is eight bullets. With eight accurate shots players can cause over 300 damage within 2 seconds.

It’s reload time is the factor which makes it the best. With 2.4 seconds of reload time, the weapon is one of the most efficient weapons in the game.

Here is everything you need to know about the Infantry Rifle in season 6.

Fortnite Infantry Rifle in season 6

The Infantry Rifle was first introduced back in Chapter 1 Season 7. Since then it had its presence in the game for a very long time. The weapon was last shown in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. Players are now really excited because of the return of the lethal weapon.

As mentioned above finding the Infantry Rifle in Fortnite Season 6 is not a herculinian task. Players can find it from Chest and floor loots. Fortnite season 6’s Bunker chests are also a carrier of the legendary variant of the Infantry Rifle.

The return of the lethal weapon will result in changes in the gameplay of the Battle Royale. It is considered as a necessary return, as players are now tired of defeats against the Glyph Master Raz NPC.

So let’s see how Fortnite’s community will react to the return of Infantry Rifle after five seasons.

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