Fortnite item shop; return of the Fortnite Radiant Striker

The fortnite world is very large! There will be very few in the fortnite community who doesn’t know about the Radiant Striker.

Being one of the rarest skin in the Fortnite, the Radiant Striker has finally found it’s way back to the Fortnite item shop.

We all know Fortnite contains many types of skins and cosmetics. It updates frequently and keeps the fans more happy by each updates. Few days back, the most expensive back bling of the game, the empress Black Being was seen again in the Fortnite Item shop.

Some of these skins and cosmetics are very common that most of the players will have it in their lockers, while others are so rare that people even don’t know whether it exists.

The return of the Fortnite Radiant Striker skin

The Radiant Striker has finally returned to the fortnite world. It’s final appearance in the game can be traced back to season 3, when it is introduced for the first time. So the return of the prodigy is after 832 days. The skin follows simplicity and it’s style has similarities of the Aerial Assault Trooper.

As rare it is, the skin is also pretty costly. The players can obtain the skin from the item shop for the same cost as before. The Radiant Striker skin costs 1200 V-bucks.

We can also find a female version of the Radiant Striker skin, which goes by the name ‘Brilliant Striker’. The female counterpart was considered as the second rarest skin in Fortnite. But it lost its status when the skin made a reappearance back in March 2021.

It is a good idea for Epic Games to bring back the older skins back into action. If we look on to the financial side, back in the day there weren’t lot of fortnite players. So, bringing back will help the developers to check whether it’s still speaking among the community.

The skins are amazing and has a realistic touch to it. It has a holographic feel which is backed up by the metallic purple color on the armor.

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