Fortnite Item shop update May 2021; New outfits, skins and more!

From the introduction of Fortnite into the gaming platform, it always gave a huge priority to its item shop. As the name explains itself, Fortnite Item Shop is packed with lots of interesting skins, outfits etc. As we all know, it updates daily.

In each update, the items in the Fortnite item shop will be rotated. At the same time, some featured skins will stay for a while.

Fortnite Item shop update May 2021

The May update comes with some interesting additions. It gives players a lot of interesting choices in the Fortnite item shop. The featured section is highlighted with Scrapknight Jules skin and her pickaxe. It also features the Metal Masque Bundle.

The featured section of the item shop also has two baseball-themed skins, the Fanatic and Showdown skin.

If we take a look into the daily section of the Fortnite item shop, we have the onda onda theme and the return of the shake it up emote. With the price tag of 1200 V-Bucks, the Arctica skin and the Heart-Stopper skin can be also bought from the item shop. Skins related to the Golden Week can also be found in the item shop.

If the players are not satisfied with these, they can go for the Justin Jefferson locker bundle. The locker bundle is packed with the Hitman skin and its accessories plus the Griddy emote.

The Cyber Infiltration Pack is still available in the Fortnite item shop. There is also the infiltration tools pack. These can be purchased for V-Bucks. While the Last Laugh Bundle and the Bassasin’s pack which is also there in the item shop can be purchased only using real money.

The Item Shop will reset in 8 hours, so go and grab whatever you are interested in. Friends don’t forget to share and follow us for the latest on the FORTNITE.

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