Fortnite Justin Jefferson Gridy emote: everything you need to know about the latest Icon series

Fortnite’s recent collaborations are now becoming popular around the world. From the Batman to Neymar Jr, the names are really very big and the attractions are also quite rich.
Recently, Epic games announced that they will feature NFL star Justin Jefferson. It is in Fortnite season 6. The Fortnite Justin Jefferson is awesome.

Justin Jefferson will join Fortnite season 6 as the first NFL Icon Series Bundle. Players can now celebrate the endzone dance immortalized by the Minnesota Viking’s Jefferson. The publishers mentioned this in a blog post ahead of the 2021 NFL draft.

Fans can now collect all the Icon Series cosmetics and complete the set. They should complete this before it is removed from the item shop. Currently in fortnite there is Lazer’s Bundle and all the other Icon series emotes.

The main attraction of the announcement is that the football fans can now play with Jefferson’s custom cosmetics. It is Jefferson’s first NFL Locker Bundle in Fortnite.

Justin Jefferson Griddy emote in fortnite season 6

First of all the emote is inspired by Allen Davies. Jefferson goes live on Fortnite in 28th April. We can see that Jefferson is just one of the few who danced to the iconic track. Epic Games is planning to hype up the Fortnite fans before the NFL Draft 2021.

The griddy emote is now popular among the college football players. Jefferson will be the first NFL player to have custom cosmetics in fortnite. The Fortnite Justin Jefferson is getting a unique Hitman Locker Bundle. We can expect that the publishers are going for more collaborations with the NFL.

The Fortnite Justin Jefferson Hitman Locker Bundle will have the following items:

Outfit: Hit Man Outfit
Pickaxe: Weathered Gold
Back Bling: Hit Me!
Wrap: Arcade Kid
Emotes: Get Griddy & Signature Shuffle

It will be only after April 28th that the players can collect every unique Fortnite Justin Jefferson NFL cosmetics from the Fortnite item shop.

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