Fortnite Marvel Skin leak; latest leak shows Marvel Skins that did’nt make to in-game

Fortnite is always known for its collaborations. From cultural giants to hot sports personalities the collaborations are wide and extensive. The recent Fortnite Neymar Jr collaborations has been a huge hit in the Fortnite island. Today we have some Fortnite Marvel skins which failed to make to the game.

Despite this huge collaborations there are many associations which did’nt make it to the game. Recently, prominent fortnite leaker VenomLeaks took it to the twitter to reveal some failed Fortnite Marvel skins.

Fortnite had a Marvel season which ended with The Galactus Event. Storyline was one of the major factors which denied the entry of these skins to Fortnite.

From the above tweet, it is evident that most of the characters which failed to arrive in game were characters belonging to X-Men. Eventhough that season was Marvel-themed, the storyline became a major obstacle for their entry. The season also produced some exciting Fortnite Marvel skins.

The season featured Galactus, who is more deeply related to the Avengers Storyline within the comics. We can also expect the return of these skins back in game. There are possibilities for another Marvel-themed Fortnite season which would may feature these skins.

Currently, this season is dominated by the DC as the comics will keep on running until the end of season 6 and beyond as well.

The next Marvel Fortnite collaboration

As MCU has kick-started it’s phase 4, we can expect another Marvel-themed season with characters from phase 4. There are pretty low chances for another collaboration with Marvel in Chapter 2, as DC is dominating the field and will be there in the game for a while.

Marvel phase 4 has multiple projects in line. Characters like Spiderman, Venom, Doctor Strange has their own movies waiting for release. These characters can be easily added to game as Fortnite Marvel skins. We can also expect alternative storylines from comics, just like the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics.

Fortnite News tweeted that the last Marvel collaboration generated the most revenue for Fortnite. This has created a huge speculation for another collaboration with the movie giants.

So far, these are only speculations. Anything can happen in the ever-evolving Fortnite world. Friends, don’t forget to share and follow us for the latest on the FORTNITE.

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