Fortnite Naruto skin;from release date to price, everything you need to know

The recent court battle between Apple and Epic Games has paved it’s way to  possible new collaborations. The latest rumour suggest that there are high possibility for that Naruto Uzumaki will join the battle royale island. Players can expect the arrival of Fortnite Naruto skin very soon.

A document displaying many of the Epic Game’s plans until the first quarter of 2021 was revealed during the court session. This has shown a lot of delayed collaborations including the Fortnite Naruto skin.

Fortnite Naruto skin; everything you need to know

The document which was shown during the session didn’t shown any visuals or details about the skin. It also didn’t shown the release date of the skin. All it had was an image of the Fortnite Naruto skin.

The Fortnite introduced Neymar Jr skin in Fortnite this season. It was initially scheduled for the third quarter of 2020. Dwayne The Rock Johnson and LeBron James were scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 and december 2020.

If the Fortnite Naruto collaboration becomes successful, then it will pave the way to more characters from the Naruto Universe. Fortnite community will live if this happens in the future.

Currently, reports suggest that the LeBron James collaboration will go live very soon. But there are no words about the collaboration on The Rock yet. Speculations are flying around the Fortnite community for a few days, which suggest that The Rock will be the leader of the Seven in Fortnite, the foundation.

From these instances it is clear that the collaborations are delayed for a reason. So there are still possibility for the Fortnite Naruto skin.

As mentioned earlier, if the collaboration between Fortnite and Naruto becomes successful, it will have its way to more characters from the Naruto universe. Fans will love if this leads to the introduction of Jiraiya in Fortnite. He was Naruto’s mentor. Both the chara years are very popular and this will lead to the success of the collaboration.

For now all these are just speculations. Let’s wait and see whether these speculation will end true.

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