Fortnite: Season 4 Chapter 3 starts tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day and Fortnite players will be able to enjoy Season 4 Chapter 3. You can find out when Paradise starts and whether there will actually be a live event on MeinMMO.

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow? Tomorrow the server down for Season 4 Chapter 3 in Fortnite starts. So players will be kicked out of the servers as usual so that Epic Games can install the big update for the new season. Of the According to the developers, Server Down starts on Sunday, September 18th at 08:00.

Included revealed the French Twitter account from Epic Games that it is a much bigger one compared to other updates. So stay tuned, we will be there live on update day and will keep you posted on any issues and new leaks.

In case you missed the Season 3 celebration, here’s the matching trailer:

Fortnite: Trailer for Season 3 shows crazy parties and a huge amusement park

Everything you need to know about Season 4 Chapter 3 at a glance

Will there be a live event? Leakers announce live events well in advance because they have access to the data. But when dataminers tampered with Fortnite’s data, no signs of a live event were found.

No timer or similar indications speak for a live event. So we’re assuming that Epic Games hasn’t scheduled an event this time. Should anything change at short notice, we will let you know.

What can you expect in Season 4? Epic Games doesn’t make it easy for fans, because so far all leaks and hints from Season 4 Chapter 3, also called Paradise, have been deleted by the developer. Known leakers like hypex or Shiina however, managed to save some of the most important tweets for every player to see.

These secured leaks speak of a new coming catastrophe that threatens to engulf everything. After the Season 3 peace celebration, the seven started acting weird. They removed their protective helmets and were captured by a mysterious figure.

There is also a silver colored slime that eats everything it touches. This slowly spreads out on the map according to the story. Everything is traced back to the saved zero point. Now it’s up to you and your helpful scientist AI to avert another catastrophe.

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Another possibility would be chaos on the map, as well as the slow progression of the silver slime on various POIs. It remains to be seen whether Epic Games will dip the entire island in chrome.

Any hints about the new Battle Pass? Fortnite itself has posted teaser images of drowning skins on various platforms. These still-to-be-seen hands have been analyzed by fans and leakers alike and may show all upcoming skins of the new Battle Pass. This includes:

  • Gwen from the Marvel Universe
  • Goth Meowscles – Another variant of the muscular cat from Chapter 2
  • Paradigm – One of the Seven
  • A still unknown skin, known from Epic surveys

So there are still at least three more skins missing that complement the Battle Pass. The fans will only find out what these are when it is released. Are you excited for Season 4 and can’t wait to roam a chrome covered map? Let’s find out in the comments!

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