Fortnite Season 6 Advanced XP Guide; Here is how to earn additional XP in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 6 is going for its seventh week and the fortunate community is worried about the XP in Fortnite for the seasonal Battle Pass. Don’t worry friends here is a complete guide on Fortnite Season 6 Advanced XP.

First of all, players have a lot of options for earning XP in Fortnite season 6. From the Spire challenges to weekly quests to the milestones, players can earn a lot of XP by completing these.

Sometimes players can a lot of XP from certain sessions of the game. There’s re also chances for the players to earn a huge amount of XP from a single game. This happens because of other passive XP earning factors in the game.

Here is how to earn XP in Fortnite Season 6

If the players need additional XP for their seasonal Battle Pass, there a lot of ways to earn them. These are the Passive XP earning actions:

  • 60 XP for each fish caught by the player.
  • 125 XP for each assist.
  • 150 XP for each elimination earned.
  • 585 XP for earning 10 eliminations in a single game.
  • 105 XP for earning eliminations using a weapon for which the player has completed the Weapon Expert quest.
  • 135 XP for looting supply drops.
  • 130 XP for looting a chest.
  • Double Eliminations will give an additional 150 XP.
  • Every Multiple Elimination will give you 105 XP.
  • Looting 10 chests and supply drops will give you 585 XP.
  • Looting and ammunition crate will give you 90 XP.
  • 200 XP extra for being the first player to loot a supply drop.
  • Players will get around 100-1500 XP for the duration in which the player survives in a specific match.

Players can also earn additional XP from Fortnite’s Team Rumble or Creative Mode. Players can a lot of XP by completing the tasks repeatedly in each game. It is guaranteed that by performing this players will earn a lot of XP in Fortnite.

Almost half of the Fortnite Season 6 is over, so go and grab as much as XP you can for your seasonal Battle Pass.

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