Fortnite Season 6 Leaks; Midas returns in a new avatar

Data miners has found some files within the game which indicates to the return of the Midas. The current season hasn’t seen any version of Midas yet, but there are high chances for the return of the character.


Midas returning to Fortnite season 6?

The island that has emerged outside the flush factory during the latest update is termed as Orolsle. Oro is considered to be either a snapshot of Midas or may be Midas’s ancestor.

Interestingly, both these characters have scars on their faces. The Oro skin is also a part of the Midas Revenge Set, this indicates the strong connection between the two.

Popular Fortnite leaker hypex took it to the Twitter to confirm that there was a female Oro skin in works. Till now, there is only back bling. But there are chances for the Fortnite community to see a complete skin very soon.

There is also another twist in this story, the recent Fortnite update v16.30 introduced armored Scrap Knight Jules, just like her father’s armored snapshot, Midas Rex.

Scrap Knight Jules has got a cape on her back with the logo of the Imagined Order. Considering this, Midas may finally reveal himself.

Finally, the island has emerged were the shark presumably ate Midas in Chapter 2 Season 3 trailer. Midas has also appeared in Fortnite during Chapter 2 Season 2 and in every alternate seasons.

The regular version of Midas was first seen in Season 2. The chapter 2 Season 4 witnessed the arrival of Shadow Midas through Fortnightmares.

So friends there’s high possibility for the return of Midas, considering the evidences that data miners are showing. Don’t forget to share and follow us on the Twitter for the latest on the FORTNITE.

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