Fortnite Travis Scott skin returns? Everything you need to know

For the whole fortnite community, forgetting last year will be a big deal. Especially the one and only Fortnite Travis Scott skin. Ever since the astronomical event took place the community went really hard for obtaining the Travis Scott skin.

It was not just a concert in the game, it was an event in which the players had the opportunity to purchase Travis Scott skin. Moreover, it also offered some cool free rewards by completing competitions.

Most of the fans went crazy for obtaining the Travis Scott skin last year. There are still some fans hoping for the return of the skin. The fortnite world is filling with rumors which suggest the return of Astronomical Bundle. But till now the speculations remains alone.

One of the top fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey, took it to the twitter to put an end to the speculations. He stated that the Travis Scott skin wouldn’t be added to the item shop.


Fans are now disappointed hearing the latest news. The hype is still there because the Fortnite is preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of the Astronomical event.

In the tweet we can see the tab removed by the developers after adding. Many fans were left disappointed because of this. As mentioned earlier, the hype still there and still, will the Travis Scott skin return to the fortnite item shop in season 6.

Will Travis Scott skin return to the item shop in Fortnite season 6

Sorry! The chances are really low. The reason is that fortnite has been bringing back a lot of older items back to the cosmetic shop. Empress back bling, Zanny emote, etc are some of the items which have been in the vault for over two years.

By the way fortnite is going, we can see a pattern emerging within the fortnite platform. It looks like that Epic Games is planning on bringing back a lot of ‘OG’ Fortnite cosmetics and skins. There are also newer collaborations like the one between Fortnite and Horizon Zero Dawn, which paved the way for Aloy into the game as a skin.

So, if the trend and rumors are correct, we cannot expect the return of Travis Scott skin for a year or two.

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