Fortnite Travis Scott skin; the skin could be delayed due to legal reasons.

The Fortnite community is really disappointed because of the Fortnite Travis Scott skin. The latest report suggest that the Fortnite Travis Scott skin is delayed due to legal reasons. The skin wasn’t available in the item shop even in the rapper’s birthday.

The Fortnite fans in the twitter also believes that the skin is delayed due to legal reasons. The skin was a part of Astronomical bundle and was seen for a short period in the item shop.

The fans are still waiting for the Fortnite Travis Scott skin’s return. The skin was about to come after a few developments, unfortunately it didn’t returned.

Fortnite Travis Scott skin is delayed due to legal reasons.

The well know data miner TigerHyper took in to the Twitter to express his views on the current delay. He explained that the delay is caused due to some licensing issues. He also said that it is the only plausible explanation for the current delay of the skin.

Eventhough TigerHyper has stated his views, fans are still waiting for the return of the Travis Scott skin. There are also opinion among the fans that the delay is caused due to numerous collaborations of that Travis Scott has now.

Others rely on Epic Games. They beloved that Epic Games are the reason behind the delay.

While some fans believe that Travis Scott has an album. They states that the Travis Scott Fortnite skin will be available just before the album goes live.

Some even stated that Epic Games is delaying the return of the skin to create a hype over the skin. There are already a huge amount of players waiting for the skin. So it makes sense why Epic Games is delaying.


Fans have also stated that the skin will return during the concert that Travis Scott has in Texas this November.

Will the the Fortnite Travis Scott skin return

For this question, data miner HyperTiger has tweeted that  “Is Travis Scott coming back to Fortnite?” Yes, it will return to Fortnite eventually. The only questions that remains now, is when. Let’s wait for the return.

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