Fortnite update 16.40: Orelia NPC, New POI, leaked skins and more

The Fortnite update 16.40 is a heavy package. It’s heavy and well packed. From leaked skins and weapons to new poi the update saw it all. The update didn’t gave any changes to the storyline. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update.

Fortnite update 16.40: skins, characters and cosmetic bundles

The update has introduced the female Oro skin, Orelia. She will probably receive her own skin in future. Now she is only a NPC.

The Eclipse Ruby and Lyra skins were also added to the game by the latest update. These skins comes with their own challenge packs with V-Bucks as rewards.

Interestingly, Catwoman and Beast Boy has received their own skins. Rumors suggest that the Catwoman skin will go live on May 18th. Reverse2K’s Locker bundle was also added to the game files. A few other skin were also added to the game files.

The update also introduced a mysterious entry in the game files. Prominent data miner iFireMonkey says that the addition is the Foreshadowing NPC.

Fortnite update 16.40: weapons

The latest Fortnite update has introduced Marksman Six Shooter exotic handgun. Dra miners speculates that weapon will be sold by NPC Deadfire. It also introduced the Mythic Primal Assault Rifle. Players can get their hands on the weapon by eliminating the Spire Guardians.

Fortnite update 16.40: Challenges and quests

The update also have players the list of upcoming challenges as just like the previous updates did. By completing these challenges players can grab a good amount of XP.

Challenge for the Foreshadowing questions were also added during the update. The quests provides a small insight into the storyline that this questions has. So far, the associated NPC hasn’t revealed yet.

Fortnite update 16.40: Locations and LTMs

The latest POI introduced in the game is called Isla Nublada. It’s the home of Orelia, the female version of Oro. Although it was introduced in the previous update, it took it’s final shape through the latest update. The castle contains a Golden Scar for players to pick up.

Today’s update witnessed addition of a host of LTMs. A new LTM named as DayBreak is also added to the game. The LTM feature it’s own storyline. It has both PvP and PvE modes.

Players has a chance to win an umbrella by winning completing the LTM successfully in Fortnite.

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